USD/JPY and JPY Cross Pair Targets, EUR, GBP

USD/JPY add 1 lot short yesterday at 114.96 resulted to trade lows at 113.87 and + 109 Pips. The first lot from short 114.27 and 114.32 runs +40 pips for a total of + 149 pips. From 113.87, target at 113.30 is now close at 57 pips lower.

No such concept as a loss in trading exists and only 1 day was lost to time. The traded financial instrument doesn’t matter as the methodologies remain the same.

While USD/JPY traded to 114.96 for the weekly trade, friends and subscribers benefited from 8 day trades since the Sunday open as we trade day trades twice daily. And all trades had no choice except to trade short as target was 113.30. Yesterday’s extra lot was a bonus.

USD/JPY to target remains to vital breaks at 113.60, 113.42, 113.33 and 113.24. Day trade lows today are located at 113.77 and 113.63. Overall long term strategy remains short only.

EUR/JPY target achieved

From JPY cross pair long term trade targets posted Oct 15. EUR/JPY achieved target at 129.24 and traded to lows at 129.02 for 22 extra pips. From 132.00’s, trade ran +300 ish pips.

AUD/JPY target at 81.33 traded to 82.67 lows from 84.00’s and 85.00’s depending on trader entry. Trade runs + 200 to 300 ish pips.

CAD/JPY target at 88.36 from 92.00’s traded to lows at 90.23 for +200 ish pips.

GBP/JPY target at 151.78 achieved lows at 152.14 from 157.00’s, 158.00’s for 600 ish pips. A grand total of 1500 ish pips, 4 trades and 1 month.

NZD/JPY remains open yet runs +150 to 200 ish pips. CHF/JPY was completed at 500 ish pips from highs at 122.00’s to 117.00’s. The worst trade as written was NZD/JPY as NZD/USD and cross pairs remained on bottom trade rankings all month. NZD failed to perform yet known in advance by weekly trades.

USD/JPY and JPY cross pairs contain far more downside. USD/JPY target as posted remains 109.50. USD/JPY currently trades overbought and required for more downside is a break at 112.51.


EUR/USD traded to lows at 1.1262 from 1.1490. November 10 was posted lower targets as follows: 1.1457, 1.1429, 1.1379, 1.1258 and 1.1197. EUR/USD 1.1262 traded just prior to the next big break at 1.1258. EUR/USD November 10 traded at 1.1500’s.


For next week as mentioned yesterday, GBP/JPY is on the watch list as it trades overbought to oversold GBP/USD. GBP/JPY closes at 153.66 or in the vicinity changes views to GBP/USD as exclusion to top trades next week. GBP/JPY can easily achieve 153.66 and lower.

Current overbought USD/CAD on the other side, is running into range problems and requires a move otherwise, USD/CAD trades dead next week.

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