DXY, EUR, GBP, USD/JPY, AUD, Cross Pairs

Currency prices as usual brought the market to the do or die brink. Bottom pair NZD/USD as the ultimate currency market signal pair trades just below vital 0.6841. A break targets the range from 0.6841 to 0.6890. Lower targets 0.6776 easily.

GBP/USD is hovering around vital 1.3357. As mentioned Sunday, ranges from 1.3357 are found next at 1.3351 to 1.3445 and 1.3156 to 1.3357. GBP/USD big break for higher is located at 1.3453, lower targets 1.3269 easily.

DXY last Wednesday traded to 96.95 and just below vital 97.16 and corrected to 95.84 lows and trades current at 96.08. The range is located from 95.25 to 97.16. The range held since November 15.

EUR/USD big break below to resume the downtrend is found at 1.1277 and aligns to today’s day trade lows at 1.1283 and 1.1276. A good weekly target is also located at 1.1277 where EUR/USD’s price normalizes.


USD/JPY target as written Sunday at 114.25 and 114.32 completed and traded to 114.36 highs. Weekly lows achieved 113.33. From 114.36, lows achieved 114.05. The trade runs roughly 100 ish pips. USD/JPY contains miles of downside.

USD/JPY Long Term

USD/JPY for the year traded from 102.00 lows to 115.00 highs or 1300 pips. Here’s today FX lesson. Fairly normal yet high ranges for any given year trades 1300 to 1500 pips. This concept was demonstrated by EUR/USD from 1998 to ? 2019 and written on my blog and fxstreet.

EUR/USD traded its maximum 1500 ish pips due to the ECB in 2014 and 2015 to go negative interest rates. USD/JPY from 2016 lows at 98 traded 1700 pips in 6 years or 283 pips per year.

USD/JPY’s 9 year currency cycle from 75.05 lows in 2012 achieved 5000 pips to 125.77 or 555 pips per year, a mid point at 100.41 and 1400 pips from current 114.00’s.

DXY maximum range top highs for the year are located at 98.00 and 99.00’s.

Will USD/JPY trade to 125 or 1100 pips from 114.00’s is answered by expectation to our career criminals, currency analysts and trade services to operate in full force in 20222 as they plot to abscond with every last nickel in your account. Currency brokers now hold the position as assistants and unscathed however all must answer to God in good time.

Further to 2022. Currency prices will trade to a severe slowdown. Today’s ranges will cut by 1/2. Brian Twomey however runs the Louis Vuitton of trade services as we know what’s coming and well prepared for any trading event.

Targets achieved in 2012’s high volatility markets is matched by targets achieved in 2021 under no volatility. All posted exclusively at fxstreet and my blog.

AUD/USD as the big winner over the past month rose from 0.6900’s or 400 pips to now face its test at 0.7253 then 0.7304. Fail to break targets 0.7170’s easily.

EUR/JPY achieved 129.32 as written Monday and a short only strategy begins. GBP/JPY achieved 153.00’s upon breaks at 151.25 and 151.96.

USD/CAD managed to break 1.2840 and 1.2853 to trade to 1.2816 lows and on the way to target 1.2738. USD/CAD’s day trade lows are located at 1.2805, 1.2789 and 1.2773.

EUR/AUD trades at the oversold richter scale lows at 1.5643 and heading higher. Watch EUR/CAD 1.4533. EUR/GBP is included to trade at ricjter scale oversold.

Overall, time for a USD correction higher and risk pairs as EUR/USD, GBP and AUD to travel lower.

Brian Twomey

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