Trade Service

Titled trade service for interested to find the receiving end to trades. I never considered myself a trade service nor do I solicit traders to join as my intention was never to become a trade service. It came by accident about 7 years ago to assist a few traders and exporters. By trade postings and results, more traders came and many remained over many years. I merely assist traders interested in trades.

Now and then a horrible week exist but never worry as only an entry was missed but never a target so trades are repaired to profit or at minimum, to breakeven. Over time, traders are highly profitable and the reason to stay on.

The price is $300 per month for 1000 ish pips per week and more on most weeks. See June and July 2019 for profit methodologies. I also know as many informed, $300 is quite low in relation to trader profits. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme or profit center in monthly revenue. God blessed me and I return blessings to those in need in my community.

Weekly Currency trades contain 4 trades per 18 currency pairs in order to trade continuously throughout the week. Possibly only 2 trades may exist but we’re prepared for any market event including possible crashes.

On 18 currency pairs, 4 trades each is 72 weekly trades. If only 2 trades exist per currency pair equates to 36 trades.

As seen here over many years, trades are not only self explanatory but entries and targets are provided as well as vital levels in order to watch the trades but also to exit at any point along the way. All account sizes are accommodated in this regard.

Weekly profit per currency pair is around 150 pips for 2 trades per currency pair. 1000 pips per week is quire common. Our best week was 2500 pip February 2019 at Brexit time but we traded 10 and 12 currency pairs then.

Essentially, we trade the entire currency market every week and certain EM currencies. Those busy during the week and no time to watch charts or prices then our trades are perfect.

Daily trades amount to 80 trades per week for 8 currency pairs, 90 to include AUD/EUR or EUR/AUD. Day trades represent extra pips for the week while waiting for weekly entries and targets.

All required for traders is click on entry and target and this is carefully factored every week and over many, many years.

After 17 years and much time and effort to study the currency price, its understood and mastered. We trade numbers, not charts, nor are stops required. As I always said , whatever you think you know or thought you knew must be discarded at the door because its all wrong.

We’re miles past and far more experienced than the trading crowds, trade services and crooked websites. This is my benefit and my hindrance because I’m out of step to the trading crowds.

No need for trade rooms, nor am I able to post on youtube. Post what?, numbers. Crowds require pictures when this is not used by us. I’m not here to waste your time as I am a serious trader to assist other serious traders.

Brian Twomey,

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