FX Trade Results Feb 22 -June 28 2019

Dear all,

I began tracking weekly trade results in 2019 for 17 weeks or 4 months on 12 currency pairs to understand the context to what I’m doing. Profit by 50% to all traded pips is the result of longs and shorts per currency pair.

I no longer track and report below stats because I’m just as perfect today to entries, targets and weekly consistency on 19 currency pairs. The profit pips and weekly pip profit averages are higher. Plus what a job every Friday as I don’t use a computer. Took hours by hand to track trades, results and factor averages.

The weekly trades every week were all posted on Sunday and reported results here on my blog for verification.

Most fascinating is the perfection and consistency but I worked extremely hard for this accuracy. Tell me Goldman Sachs, hedge funds or any bank better than me. I doubt it.

Actual Profit Pips = 23,021

Actual Pip Profit Average 1292

We profit on Average 1292 pips per week on 12 currency pairs. We maintain profit at least 50% of all traded pips on 12 currency pairs. Mathematically, SD on 17 weeks and 12 currency pairs = 650.40 and 1/2 of 1292 = 646.

Further, Signal/ Noise Ratio Vs Variation equates to 1.98 Vs 0.50. The Signal is perfect and high Vs its 50 % Variation. We are dead on track to report profit on 50% of all traded pips.

Weekly Pips Totals for 17 weeks

















2592 =1292 Pips Average

Brian Twomey

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