Yesterday’s USD/CAD traded 91 pips vs 79 pips for USD/JPY. EUR/JPY traded 106 and GBP/JPY 147. USD/CAD traded 12 pips more than USD/JPY. Yesterday’s spread for USD/CAD and USD/JPY as written yesterday is 20 ish pips. and no changes today as this spread will remain until significant breaks are seen from either USD/CAD or USD/JPY.

USD/CAD bottom contains 2 levels: 1.2937 and 1.2929 or 8 pips. USD/JPY bottoms are located at 129.59 and 129.57.

USD/CAD tops are located at 1.3061 and 1.3073. USD/JPY tops are located at 130.76 and 130.91. USD/CAD 2 tops = 12 pips difference Vs USD/JPY at 15 pips.

USD/CAD big break lower must cross below 1.2985 then USD/CAD challenges 1.2882. USD/CAD topside targets 1.3126. USD/JPY lower points are located at 126.42 and 124.32. If USD/JPY is destined for higher levels then 133.64 is on the way.

Severely overbought USD/JPY is prevented to move significantly higher by massively overbought EUR/JPY. Currently USD/JPY 130.00’s Vs EUR/JPY at 137.00’s. USD/JPY higher requires assistance from EUR/JPY.

EUR/JPY bottoms today are located at 136.74 and 136.64.

SPX 500

SPX 500 big line breaks are located at 4370, 4185, 4013. Today’s lower target is located at 3930.73 and 4096.93 on the topside.

WTI big line breaks are located 114, 105.84 and 101.55. Target below is located at 97.65 and 105.45 for the topside target.

Brian Twomey

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