Exxon as written yesterday, upside target 94.38, actual 94.51. Call it perfect from 92.00’s and +2 Points. Today target 95.38 then short to target 94.81.
Exxon is termed a stock because it trades on a stock exchange. Exxon defined is a number like any market number. All market prices contain a number and this is all one requires to know.

EUR/USD as written yesterday achieved target at 1.0661 and actually traded to 1.0696 for an extra 35 pips. EUR/USD big break for higher is located at 1.0793. Today’s tops and short entries are located at 1.0721 and 1.0731. On the bottom side targets are 1.0654, 1.0640 and 1.0631.

USD/JPY traded 91 pips yesterday vs USD/CAD 77. USD/JPY bottom targets are located at 127.04 and 126.91 then long. USD/CAD bottom target 1.2745 1.2739 then long. USD/JPY upside targets are located at 128.27 and 128.32 then short.

We’re perfecting the next generation to any market trade. Once entered, then trades run from target to target continuously for multiple longs and shorts.

USD/JPY and USD/CAD are the exact same pair and will trade together as one unit for the future until a breakout occurs.

2 year yield yesterday traded 2.64 to 2.59 or 5 points. 2.64 as reported last week is the average and a vital break. The 10 year yield traded 2.87 to 2.79 or 7 points Vs its big break at 2.94.

Here’s the RBNZ preview. Read Milton Friedman and his wife Rose. Milton Friedman holds every economic answer from this day to antiquity. The basic premise to Friedman is reduce taxes, regulations and government spending for nations to prosper. Governments today follow the opposite path as prosperity is leaving nations by design or stupidity. My answer is design.

The RBNZ trade is NZD/USD and EUR/NZD for multiple longs and shorts.

Gold targets 1862 on the high side. Gold and Silver isn’t worth anybody’s effort. The bond/yield story holds GOLD and Silver to tiny 6 point ranges. Until a breakout is seen to yields and bonds then Gold and Silver remain dead trades.

WTI next stop 108.55 and SPX 3890.

Brian Twomey


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