24 Hour Trade Results

The EUR trades offered and demonstrated yesterday was to trade from target to target. The only requirement is enter the trades om the platform and walk away as profits are guaranteed.

No need ever exists to watch a screen, use stops, monitor news releases or sit all day and speculate or gamble to any market price. Trading any central bank announcement is literally a breeze although EUR wide rangers was interesting yet highly profitable.

The 24 hour trade is a building block over the past 10 + years to simplify trades and trading as I’m not sitting all day watching screens. To quote Thomas Edison, inventor of the light bulb, I also found 10,000 ways trades and trading doesn’t work. Its the process of research into the market price, any price and any market.

Trade times changed as the 9:30 pm Asia trade was eliminated in favor of the 24 hour trade. Trades are sent after the 4 pm interest rate release. European friends miss nothing as Asia is dead to Mo. and momentum.

Day trades skyrocketed from 8 currencies to 15. Stock indices now include SPX, NASDAQ and DOW Jones. Oil includes WTI. Silver includes XAG/EUR and XAG/JPY or Silver priced in Euros and Yen. Nothing exist to do except a few clicks per day.

To all market prices exists longs and shorts. Currencies remain the best market for profits although NASDAQ and Dow Jones contain built in profits. Its impossible not to profit. However Currencies remain the best, easiest and most profitable trades due to constant movements.

Weekly trades exist as 22 currencies because I can trade 22 currencies perfectly to entries and targets every week in something like 45 of 52 weeks in every year.

EUR/USD Weekly Trade

Long 1.0667 and 1.0657 to target 1.0801. Lows 1.0651, highs 1.0773. Trade Runs +116 pips. We can exit for profit.

Day trade Results


Target 1.0763 and 1.0766. Highs 1.0773. Note 7 pips from 1.0773 and 1.0766. Vitally important commentary and insight to the market price.

Short target 1.0651 and 1.0655 achieved. EUR/URSD traded to 1.0611 lows. Vitally important is not to trade EUR/USD shorts below 1.0651. The extra pips must fly by without a touch.


Targets 0.8581 and 0.8478. Highs 08590, lows 0.8484.


Targets 1.6651 then 1.6697 Vs 1.6473 and 1.8429. Highs 1.6733 or extra 36 pips. Lows 1.6582.


Targets 1.3468 and 1.3488 Vs 1.3389 and 1.3367. Highs 1.3549 or 61 pips. Lows 1.3426.


Targets 1.4956 and 1.4781 and 1.4746. Highs 1.5040 or 84 pips. Lows 1.4891.

EUR/AUD and EUR/CAD appears as a miss. The overall trades were actually perfect. Much information was not offered such as full trades to long and short entries and targets. To the trades exist 2 longs and 2 shorts everyday.

Day trades are ranked for every trade instrument. For today’s currencies are ranked as EUR/USD, GBP/JPY, EUR/JPY, USD/CAD. Stand clear to AUD/USD, NZD/USD, GBP/USD, GBP/CHF. Nothing special to USD/JPY.

EUR/GBP despite a fairly dead traded currency has turned in a respectable performance lately. EUR/GBP traded 106 pips yesterday, 68 on Wednesday and 72 pips Tuesday.

Nothing special exists today for WTI. EUR/CAD, EUR/AUD and EUR/NZD contain built in profits to its prices.

XAG/EUR, XAG/JPY, Silver and Gold is not worth any efforts as no real profits exist.
Target to target trades. An imperative to know entry and targets before the trade as entries exists for minutes and fly by quickly. Miss an entry limits profits.

Brian Twomey

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