EUR/USD and CPI Results

EUR/USD 8:00 am range on the 30 minute time frame traded 1.0101 to 1.0059. My levels 1.0090 – 0.9988. How did the market know at 8:00 AM CPI would report higher than expected then traded the highest values.

Computers is the answer for the 1% of world market traders that know exactly what they are doing. Same principle existed at the old ECB 8:30 am FIX. Computers stole every traded pip in minutes. Nothing was left to trade unless as I did, find exactly what these computer people were doing and beat them at their own crooked game.

EUR/USD 30 minute time frame at 8:30 am, 1.0066 to 0.9997. EUR/USD lifted from 1.0059 or a neutral location. Most financial instruments including currencies begin an economic announcement at a neutral level. To enter at a neutral price is gambling but most important is to know what is a neutral price as many exist.

Target to target equates to 1.0090 to 0.9988 or at 3:00 AM this morning, 1.0004 to 1.0090. Total 2 Round trips were available for 86 and 93 pips and 179 pips.

Levels, CPI and 99% of all market blah blah talk doesn’t matter. Parity for EUR/USD doesn’t matter. Most people writing about market talk, central banks, CPI and whatever else are wasting our time.

CPI is now gone and priced into the market. We knew before the prices but now that the release is over. CPI is no longer an issue as a market price is a forward traded instrument.

On to the next trade and forget about this day.

24 Hour Trades

On my blog at and posted yesterday at 5:00 pm. Here’s trade results and note EUR/USD top at 1.0092. But also note tops reported are 1 of 4 trades per currency pair. Traders are still trading and earning pips.

Problem today is most talk a good game but when results time appears, all are stuck in their ways, can’t change and results are miniscule.

EUR/USD 1.0092, Actual 1.0101
AUDUSD 0.6795, actual 0.6801
GBPUSD 1.1942, Actual 1.1946
EURJPY 138.32, Actual 138.36
USDCAD 1.3060, actual 1.3066
USDJPY 137.78, Actual 137.78
EURNZD 1.6456 Actual 1.6474
GBPAUD 1.7710, Actual 1.7644

Brian Twomey

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