SPX and WTI trades to cover the next 24 hours of trading.. Note multiple longs and shorts per financial instrument. Correct trades however look at trades from target to target. SPX 3846.39 to 3740.39 or reverse as 3740 to 3846.

WTI same situation for multiple longs and shorts. Correct and perfect trades however look at target to target trades as 98.79 to 93.69 or 93.69 to 98.79.

Profits are guaranteed by either method traded.

SPX and WTI, daily and weekly trades are sent everyday and every week to interested traders.


Long above 3793.49 to target 3846.39

Short 3846.39 to target 3828.75

Short below 3793.49 to target 3740.59.

Long 3740.59 to target 3758.23


 Long above 96.24 to target 98.79. 

Short 98.79 to target 97.94.

Short below 96.24 to target 93.69. 

Long 93.69 to target 94.54

Brian Twomey

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