Yesterday’s change of interest rates, EUR/USD range was located at 1.0034 to 0.9874. The new trade day at 2:30 am EST, range becomes 1.0027 to 0.9866. So far this information offers a minor trade for a few pips.

EUR/USD since the change of interest rates yesterday, ranged from 1.0054 to 1.0005. A few easy pips for profit existed. Since 2:30 am est, EUR/USD range from 1.0005 to 1.0045.

From the new range levels at 1.0027, a few pips profit existed.

Overall, how important was the offer of range levels. Complete irrelevant. I just wasted everyone’s time on purpose.

Currency trading and the overall currency price and all market prices are the most perfect concoction of mathematics ever invented on God’s planet. The perfection is absolutely stunning. Traps exist to the story however and USD/JPY today fits the bill.

Yesterday’s EUR/USD target was 0.9966. Here’s the levels: 1.0028, 0.9997, 0.9982, 0.9967. EUR/USD should’ve had the respect for traders to touch 0.9997. EUR/USD traded to 1.0005 and an interval.

More importantly, a nasty point existed at 1.0005. From 0.9997 to 1.0005 on paper is 8 pips but for math and target trading, 8 pips is a giant commentary to what and how EUR/USD trades.

What 1.0005 offered was a one way trade as no attempt existed for longs however a speculative long existed for a few pips. But this isn’t our way to ever speculate especially when money was banked.

EUR/USD trade duration yesterday was 9 hours however the overall trade remains viable.

Today’s EUR/USD 0.9972 0.9984, 0.9987, 0.9997, 1.0009. Vs 1.0029, 1.0035, 1.0041, 1.0048, 1.0061, 1.0067, 1.0074.

EUR/USD traded to highs so far at 1.0052. EUR/USD informed to 2 choices. Longs from 1.0005 at 2 am was viable. Or exit and re enter.


Yesterday’s target was 138.15 from low 137.00’s. And mission completed in 8 hours as opposed to EUR/USD 9 hours.

Here’s where math becomes a problem as we have a continuation and clash of the titans. USD/JPY’s overall range: 137.18 to 140.13. Again a waste of time.

Today: 137.89 137.97, 138.06, 138.09, 138.40 Vs 138.66, 138.75, 138.83, 138.92, 139.09, 139.18, 139.27

USD/JPY never looked back from 2:30 and traded to 139.36 and 10 pips beyond 139.27.

USD/JPY’s trade yesterday was perfect and normal. Today’s trade was perfect and normal. However both trades together were radically non normal.

USD/JPY will again trade back to 137.00’s.

Brian Twomey

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