EUR/JPY Day Trade Example


Vs 140.20,140.29,140.38,140.47,140.65,140.74,140.83

Eliminate vitals: 139.41, 139.67 Vs 140.47, 140.83

139.41 and 140.83 = Equal oversold and overbought. 139.67 and 140.47 = Perfect neutral. 140.12 = Perfect 0.

From 13 numbers inside the price path, only 4 numbers are vital.

Note traditional short at 140.74. Correct short at 140.83. Why? Current market price ranges lack ability currently to trade to full potential. Missing? 0.5. to 1.0. Seems small and not significant but both are as wide as oceans.

So small is the currency price yet every last pip contains vital trade information.

To include 0.5 then ranges widen to normal as 141.02 from 140.83 and 139.22 from 139.41.

139.67 goes to 139.58 and 140.83 goes to 140.74.

If 1.0 was included as traditionally traded then 140.83 goes to 141.46 and 139.41 goes to 138.77. Both expand ranges by 64 pips.

Ranges may expand but most vital neutral points also expands. The currency and all market prices trade neutral to neutral. The day trade goes from neutral to oversold or neutral to overbought. Then trades back to neutral again. The problem to neutral is wide bands exist and many exchange rate points.

To elaborate to neutral. EUR/JPY today allows for 27 pips to normal trade on each side of 140.12. The remainder exist as neutral. Neutral means price may trade up or down under a perfect equal chance. Central banks established equal chance as statistical masters.

EUR/JPY traded today from perfect 139.85 to 141.16. Then 140.83 must be considered a range break and price expansion. Note the 0.5 and 1.0 expansion levels: 141.46 and 141.06 and perfect 1/2 at 140.16.

A range break above 140.83 means EUR/JPY trades back to a wider neutral point area but it also means a range break entails more money profit to shorts. This is the free money side of day trades.

Described today is a tiny portion to the day trade and much information remains missing to put the puzzle price together. To understand is to profit further without loss. Much description remains.

The Set Up


 Long Short Line 140.12

 Most Important 139.67 and 139.85 Vs 140.20, 140.29, 140.38, 140.47, 140.65, 140.74, 140.83

Bottom 139.41 achieves by 139.58 and 139.76 

Upper target 140.74 Continuation Fail 40.47

Brian Twomey

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