Hi Bulgaria and thank you for the many views. My assumption is interest in BGN and EUR. For other nations, I have it all to offer trades if interested.

A few special notes. A group out there with plenty of money and 10 + plus years in the business has plans to develop a professional website for good, profitable and experienced traders. And to compete with Fxstreet and investing dot com. Both sites turned into horror shows. The new site is badly needed as many good traders out there are lost in the crowds. Yours truly included.

When Fxstreet began its trade service, the losses mounted to skyrocket proportions. Then came the $35 subscription service and massive failure. Then premium began and access to Experts and trades. Once $50 and $35, now $24 and special at 50% off the 24 price.

No shortage of subscribers as Fxstreet locked up millions of traders. Called members today. All they had to do was call me as I provide trades and they send a fat check every month. What a powerhouse Fxstreet could’ve become.

I declined webinars and the weekly forecast poll because 40+ people are on the poll and webinars offers 5 to 15 traders of the millions of traders. The thanks for all my years.

USD/BGN big break for lower is located at 1.8729 to target lower at 1.8454 and quite easily.

Major levels: 1.8862, 1.8994, 1.9259, and 1.9524. At 1.9128 is oversold.

Monday’s trade

Long above 1.9189 to target 1.9366.

Short 1.9366 to target 1.9307.

Short below 1.9189 to target 1.9012.

Long 1.9012 to target 1.9071.

Brian Twomey

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