EUR/USD Weekly Ranges

Last week EUR/USD 1.0302 to 1.0148 or 154 pips. This week 1.0283 to 1.0136 or 147 pips. What changed week to week, nothing. 2 Weeks ago 1.0309 to 1.0141or 168 pips.

Ranges, 168, 154, 147.

Action forex or whatever this thing is on my site was placed on site 12 and 14 years ago. I checked. Please exclude any commentary and proposed trades as they are wrong and not trusted. I don’t know how to eliminate from my site.

Please also exclude McGinley Dynamic from Investopedia as this is another whacked organization not to be trusted. If interested in the McGinley Dynamic, read exactly what I wrote as valid. I once had a massive problem with John McGinley when I wrote about his Dynamic on Investopedia.

The man is powerful and well connected. I haven’t investigated years later after my writings but I believe I stand by my words from all those years ago. John is a PHD from Harvard and put his life into that indicator. We later became friends with open discussions.

Interested in subscriptions, We’re trading 11 currencies per day, 20 currencies weekly, WTI daily and weekly, Brent daily and weekly and SPX, daily and weekly. XAU/USD is currently on the agenda, daily and weekly.

I’m out here to assist subscribers otherwise no reason exists to write any longer. No subscribers then I stop writing and go total private. I completely disappear.

Brian Twomey

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