Trade Results: 21 Currencies

USD/JPY crossed below EUR/JPY and USD/CAD crossed below EUR/CAD.
AUD/USD achieved perfect target at 0.6982. The trade: Long Anywhere or 0.6864 and 0.6854 to target 0.6982. Lows 0.6855, highs 0.6982 and +127 pips.

USD/CAD is within 22 pips to target 1.2877. The Trade: Short Anywhere or 1.3013 and 1.3020 to target 1.2877. Highs 1.3063, Lows 1.2899. From 1.3020, +121 pips.

Add USD/CAD to total pips +1401 and on the way to 2000.

USD/CAD at 1.2877 becomes dangerous. Here’s our Weekly trade options: Short below 1.2856 to target 1.2799. Long 1.2799 to target 1.2842. Cautious long 1.2877 to target 1.2927.

The same trade options applied to CAD/CHF yesterday as CAD/CHF 2nd, 3rd and 4th legs as follows: Long above 0.7424 to target 0.7463. Short 0.7463 to target 0.7437. Cautious short 0.7411 to target 0.7372.

CAD/CHF broke above 0.7424 and traded perfectly to 0.7463 for +39 pips. Then short 0.7463 to target 0.7437 achieved lows at 0.7443 for +20 pips.

CAD/CHF total this week: +121 pips.

EUR/USD was off 118 pips from entry. No problem to add 1 lot. EUR/USD achieved highs at 1.0032 from long entry 1.0020 and 1.0013.

Today is Thursday and a long way to go to completion to weekly trades on Friday.

EUR/USD trend changes to up, up and away on a break of 1.0300’s. EUR/USD trades 1400 pips from the 5 year average at 1.1400’s. EUR/USD trades sloshing around going nowhere fast.

Brian Twomey

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