Brian Twomey and Subscribers

My posts in 4 straight weekends achieved front page on fxstreet and investing dot com views skyrocketed in the 1000’s. Overall, friends, readers, followers are in the multi, multi 1000’s. Most are 10 and 15 year followers.

No mystery to delivering profits continuously over many years and showed amazing trades and results.

For 25 cents more, all this buys is a cup of coffee in Barcelona.

I’m severely down on subscribers as a few traders are off doing special projects outside markets and vacations.

Part of subscriber money goes to assist others in trouble with life circumstances. Its quite astounding what I’ve done over the years. God knows.

I’m posting this week for my blog only for long time friends and followers. Subscribers maintain this blog and continued writings. If no subscribers then no writings. Nothing more I can do as we are forced to go private.

I don’t know this computer nor will I spend 24 /7 on twitter, social media and you tube. If I had the right equipment and knew how to use it, so so much I wanted to show to currencies, markets and trading.

I’ve been at this thing for 18 years and assisting traders since the 2012 trades. I held out hope from Peter and Tommy to see the inside to markets and trading but this hope died long ago as my friends don’t give 2 shoots.

The saving grace was never to become a member of the cabal of collusion that exists. This collusion is much deeper than I ever thought before. Its an Iron Triangle where only the insiders are members. Probably exists in the class of professionals.

Weekly post to follow

Brian Twomey

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