FX Weekly: Trade Results, GBP/USD, EUR/NZD

Since December 12 and 3 weeks, 19 long term trades were offered. A quick run down as a larger theme is vital to today’s post. USD/JPY and JPY cross pairs + 700 pips per currency.

EUR/AUD target at 1.5300 and 1.5200 traded from 1.5900’s to 1.5416 or +500 pips. EUR/NZD top at 1.6900’s offered 12 short trades for about 100 pips per trade. GBP/USD failed at vital 1.2500 and traded to 1.1900’s. GBP/CAD broke below 1.6700 and traded to target at 1.6300’s. EUR/CAD middle 1.4400’s.

Remember GBP/USD long at oversold 1.1900’s. All received another 150 pips.

GBP/AUD top at 1.8200’s traded to 1.7700’s target and lower to 1.7500. Then AUD/USD, NZD/USD, EUR/USD.

Trade requirements ? Click for 5000 ?, 7,000 ? 8,000 Pips. Trader requirements? Set entry and targets and walk away for a few weeks.

Brian Twomey requirements? Enter a few numbers per currency or 19 currencies at about 500 numbers. All 28 currencies? roughly 600 numbers. Time devoted is 1 full day to satisfy profits at 4 and 5,000 and 8,000 pips per month. And the right to live a life and never watch a screen, listen to worthless commentary, hope an economic announcement may go haywire or gamble on a questionable trade service.

Not required? Watch screens all day, follow the most ridiculous and not profitable nuances of the market as if something may change, as if the market may crash or possibly profit an extra 20 and 50 pips for the day or week.

EUR/USD began 3 weeks ago at 1.0300’s to 1.0800’s. Today, 1.0400’s to 1.0800. Nothing changed yet EUR/USD is watched daily like a lazer beam as if something will change.

Think about all the events the market offered over the last 3 weeks. For EUR/USD, nothing changed. GBP/USD didn’t change from 1.2500’s to 1.1900’s.

EUR/USD levels offered yesterday from 1.0400’s to 1.0800, may hold for weeks and months. What is the logic to watch screens.

While 70% lose and after 20 years, we walk with confidence and knowledge rather than walk with fear on grounds not trusted.

Long term trades are offered here since 2016 and multiple 1000’s upon 1000’s of profit pips realized.
A popular trade service offers daily webinars to go over the same tired trades. This is the cognoscenti of cognoscenti, sent from heaven via special spaceship just to offer trades from elite of elite traders. This is actually the trader graveyard. Did GBP/USD trade to 1.1700’s or 1.2200’s. Prosecution rests.

I’m offering an overhaul to trades and trading by exclusion of 7 hour and weekly trades in favor of 24 hour and long term trades. Offered is the best of 2 trade categories and best categories to maximum profits. The 24 hour trades satisfies day traders, screen watchers and chronic addictions.

GBP/USD 3 weeks ago V Today

3 weeks ago: Long term targets are 1.1961, 1.2314, 1.2544 and 1.2721.
Vital levels: 1.1950 and 1.1961 to 1.2314 and 1.2537. A break below 1.1950 targets 1.1893 and 1.2719.

Lows 1.1901, highs 1.2445.


Targets: 1.1988, 1.1997, 1.2328, 1.2469, 1.2728.
Vital breaks 1.1997, 1.2542 and 1.2551. Below 1.1988 targets 1.1913, 1.1876.
Inside 1.1988 to 1.2328 is located 24 hour trades.

Overall, no changes in 3 weeks.

EUR/NZD 3 Weeks ago Vs Today

At 3 weeks ago: targets 1.6519, 1.6592 then the vital break lines at 1.6640 and 1.6647. Higher must break 1.6647 and many averages at 1.6700’s starting at 1.6723, 1.6767 and 1.6797. Above 1.6700’s targets 1.6800’s then 1.6900’s.

Lows 1.6570 to 1.6996.


Tops: 1.6997, 1.6957, 1.6934. Vital averages: 1.6906, 1.6850, 1.6784, 1.6732. Targets: 1.6703, 1.6611, 1.6551, 1.6530.

Overall no changes. Short 1.6900’s all month.

GBP/USD and EUR/NZD are now established for the next month of trading although EUR/NZD isn’t the best demonstration choice.

Brian Twomey