DXY Pt 2

As all see from this thing I call a blog, this is a site begun in 2007 ish. It is a site for learning, research and trading primarily FX for friends and traders as I documented nearly 20 years through my trading journey.

All information and concepts are true and accurate and freely given. All concepts are in use today to accurately trade markets. Many leading FX analysts, hedge funds, money managers, FXStreet and everyday traders still peruse this site daily and often. Leading politicians from Europe are here daily over many years. Fxstreet is here far more often than normal lately. Peter Wadkins, god rest his soul, brought the entire Thomson Reuters crowd here. I credit my long time friend Tommy O..

And don’t forget the FXCM analyst crooks who copy and paste my trades and commentary to this day. The beauty of this blog is to write freely to also warn traders of the many crooks among us. The list is endless starting with the currency analysts and the collusion crowd planning to drain accounts. I;m a very nice guy and honest but despise the crooks.

This isn’t a blog hype post and in the larger scheme, nothing changed in the past 20 years as I still reside in the same tiny apartment in a very bad side of town. Drug overdose, theft, robberies are quite common here.

Overall, I wouldn’t know a dealing desk if my life depended on it or the inside of a currency broker, duties of a currency analyst, prop desks, trade conferences. All becoming fleeting cares of concern.

I see nations and views only. The problem today is the same as 2007 as concepts are truly deficient and explains why entry and exit = profits is the only analytical commentary. This also explains the trader turn to sales people and marketer. Profits are secondary.

I offered a few trade services to assist and to include the losers at FXStreet. None interested. Story of the 3 eggs, 2 bad. Enough trader turnover exists for trade services to remain viable.

The trade service is a trader creation and remains to this day for interested. And my assistance to many is the story never told. The list is endless and long.

The last DXY post received many views so I will add to assist.

USD/JPY is the least understood currency because it trades either as pip for pip to DXY or as a percentage of DXY.. Friday, DXY traded 69 pips to USD/JPY 120 or almost double. JPY cross pairs traded less than USD/JPY to inform USD/JPY not only runs and leads JPY cross pairs but JPY cross pair longs don’t have ability to sustain higher levels. They rise due to the Correlations to USD/JPY.

The same USD/JPY concept to DXY is seen in EUR/NZD, GBP/NZD, EUR/AUD, GBP/AUD, GBP/USD and AUD/USD.

The DXY concept is easily reversible for EUR/USD as EUR/USD is the exact opposite to DXY. EUR.USD traded 69 pips Friday to DXY 69 only in the opposite direction.

EUR/USD and XAU/USD top = DXY bottom. Here, trades are reversed.

DXY top = XAU/USD bottom. DXY bottom = XAU/USD top.

DXY top = XAG/USD Silver Bottom. DXY bottom = XAG/USD Silver top.

DXY Vs Interest rates, Fed Funds, Commercial Paper, 3 month and 2 year yield always Correlate 100% to DXY.

DXY top = SPX bottom. DXY bottom = SPX top. The word SPX applies to all stock markets in relation to DXY.

DXY and 2 year yield top = XAU/USD and EUR/USD bottom.

Brian Twomey


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