Targets complete

Many long term targets were posted since December and this list probably doesn’t cover all trades but here’s a few from last month or so posts.

GBP/JPY 159.21 and 159.19 target . Lows today 159.19, highs 165.00’s. +600 ish pips.

CAD/JPY 95.00’s target complete from 100.00’s, +500 ish pips.

USD/CAD 1.3600’s target complete from 1.3800’s, +200 pips.

EUR/AUD 1.5800 target complete from 1.6200’s, +400 pips

EUR/NZD 1.7000’s and 1.6900’s target complete, highs 1.7300’s, +300 ish pips.

GBP/AUD Target 1.7900’s, not complete, lows 1.8111 from 1.8300’s, running +200 pips

GBP/NZD 1.9300’s target, not complete, lows 1.9400’s from 1.9600, running +200 pips

USD/JPY target 122.00 on break 125.00’s, lows 132.20, highs 137.00’s.

EUR/JPY forget the target

EUR/PLN from March 9 post. Target 1.7014, highs 1.7037, from 7.67 and 7.6800’s

SPX this week as written, lows 3810, lows yesterday 3808.

Don’t know why the trading crowds don’t or won’t trade EM currencies as they are a great source of profits. Took 2 EUR/PLN trades this week, MXN/JPY. See this site for many, many EM trades.

All know how the story goes here and without changes over many years.

Brian Twomey


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