USD/JPY Averages: 5 day to 253

5 day = 132.6350

10 = 134.3903

20 =135.1324

50 = 133.3938

100 = 132.9733

200 = 138.2023

253 = 137.6981

See the ,top at 137.00’s and shorts. See oversold at 131.00’s. The imperative is to use correct averages derived from Fix prices rather than chart averages because chart averages are miles off and wrong. Would anyone honestly take USD/JPY long from high 136.00’s to target 137.00’s. The trade hit target but what a gamble to roll the dice in such a way and to gamble with trader subscription money. But this is common practice today as chart averages lead traders down a losing road.

Brian Twomey


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