GBP/USD achieved highs yesterday at 1.2668 and 65 pips to the 1.2733 target. GBP/USD’s day trade top today at 1.2683 and if seen takes GBP/USD within 50 pips to the target. A target trade must touch its destination price. That’s the way this works and its the understanding to the market price.

Upon GBP/USD target completion then immediately and quickly reverse to short for extra profit pips. Shorts add to the 900 pip and 5 month long trade.

EUR/NZD traded to 1.7326 lows on targets at 1.7296 and 1.7273 from 1.8000’s. EUR/NZD shorts remain valid below 1.7410. EUR/NZD traded within 30 pips to target. EUR/NZD must touch minimal 1.7296.

GBP/NZD traded to 1.9867 lows from 2.0395 and targets remain at 1.9733 and 1.9680. In the way to target is the break line at 1.9808 but this line drops as GBP/NZD trades lower to achieve target.

EUR/NZD and GBP/NZD adds 1100 profit pips to overall trades since December / January. Nothing changed to trades since 2011 and 2012 as we remain consistent to targets and profits.

EUR/AUD achieved lows at 1.6198 from 1.6300’s at the weekly start. Next for EUR/AUD is break 1.6151 then the first target at 1.6043 achieves its destination from 1.6800’s highs. The current trade is valued at 700 pips and much more to go.

GBP/AUD waits on a break at 1.8553. Lows traded to 1.8588. GBP/AUD big break is located at 1.8367 and plenty of room to trade lower.

USD/JPY moves on a break at 134.95.


The USD/EM currencies also achieved targets beginning with USD/CZK: from 21.2240 drops to 21.2092. Target achieved as lows traded 21.1895.

USDBRL targets easily 5.0039 from 4.9514. Highs 5.0185, Lows 4.9439. Easy trade for +525 pips.

USD/RON targets 4.5092 from 4.4653. Highs achieved 4.4864 from 4.3595 lows.

USD/HUF traded to 339.39 highs from 336.53 lows. USD/HUF targets 345.31.

Brian Twomey

Vietnam Interest Rates

Effective date: 05/05/2023
Over Night5.05192,031.0
1 Weeks5.1823,585.0
2 Weeks5.285,870.0
1 Months5.402,150.0
3 Months6.332,021.0
6 Months8.2364.0
9 Months8.80(*)2.0(*)

Same old story to all nations interest rates. But this assumes trading VND/ Other Currency. The trade is USD/VND so USD interest rates prevail. The full potential for USD/VND is trade 234.58 pips and 1/2 at 117.29. This means the value between pips is 1.83, 3.66 and 7.33.

The 24 hour trade went according to plan. The 24 hour trade is a benefit to Asia, New Zealand, Australia as morning hour prevails when NY and American markets close.

Brian Twomey