EUR/USD and GBP/AUD Correlations

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Nobody cares to pay Fxstreet $40 per month for trades and its why you see all the flash deals. I told Francesc to raise your fees light years higher and I will make every trader filthy rich. See how that worked out. Trade services just don’t care either. As Ron White said, you can’t fix stupid.

The profit aspect to trading these days was a failure for most so money is earned in other ways such as market reporting and selling “stuff”., Ad revenue, trade courses.

I beat up Fibonacci but I have so so much info to verify my words. Option traders talk about Skew or the 3rd moment of a distribution. Skew is caught between Skew and the Standard Deviation. This is light years of miles between both. Well why not take the Z Score of the Skew to determine where is the bottom and top. Better yet is use Kurtosis as the 4th moment to determine overall bottoms.

How to determine true FX Volume as UBS publishes every Monday. Got that too and 20 years of success and failures to what works and what will lose money.

EUR/USD from last week and not written in the weekly.

EUR/USD Vs EUR/CAD Correlates +99%




Nothing will change for next week.

I was most interested in GBP/AUD to correlations.





GBP/AUD is fine.

Brian Twomey

GBPUSD Day Trade

GBP/USD = 64 pips

Long Short Line 1.2618

Most Important 1.2562 and 1.2610 Vs 1.2626, 1.2634, 1.2642, 1.2650, 1.2667, 1.2674, 1.2682

Bottom 1.2554 achieves by 1.2570 and 1.2586

Upper Target 1.2682

Continuation Fail 1.2650

GBP/USD traded today 79 pips and slightly better than the 64. See, no surprises. On the topside, GBP/USD traded here 1.2674, 1.2682.

Every trade offered day, weekly and long term offers multiple longs and shorts to trade continuously and profit continuously. Trading never ends Sunday to Friday. Monday is a continuation from Friday.

GBP/USD began at 1.2601 and oversold. Automatically known to trade long as GBP was near bottom and below 1.2618. First option was long at 1.2601 to break 1.2618 then GBP/USD skyrockets higher.

2nd option. Wait to break 1.2618 then long. for +79 pips.


At 6 am, GBP/USD broke below 1.2618 to trade 1.2601 for 17 pips.

After CPI and at GBP/USD 1.2679 at day trade highs, shorts traded to 1.2621 or 58 pips.

Outlined was 154 possible profit pips on a 64 pip range or profits at 2.4 X’s the range. The laugh to all this is CPI was 100% irrelevant to price movements. GBP/USD would traded the same daily range despite CPI, GDP, Interest rate change or a Mars landing.

A day trade is a perfectly normal yet perfectly neutral price as central banks factor the price for a 50/ 50 chance to trade long or short.

Brian Twomey

GBP/USD Day Trades

GBP/USD = 64 pips

Long Short Line 1.2618

Most Important 1.2562 and 1.2610 Vs 1.2626, 1.2634, 1.2642, 1.2650, 1.2667, 1.2674, 1.2682

Bottom 1.2554 achieves by 1.2570 and 1.2586

Upper Target 1.2682

Continuation Fail 1.2650

GBP/USD for today only to match correctly to interest rates and day trades = 64 pips or 128 total. Day trades must factor fully for the rare day GBP/USD actually trades the full 128. I assure all, its a rare day.

GBP/USD 64 pips or slightly above is the best days. Also 64 pips is on the high side as GBP/USD mostly trades 63 and 62 pip days which means 63 X 2 or 126 pips and 62 X 2 = 124. Every pip truly matters but every pip conveys a vital message. How many pips to 1/2 and full ranges must factor every trade day.

For CPI today, 64 or slightly above 64 will trade. Could easily be less. Day trades are by far the worst trades because of the many variables inside day trade numbers. Many numbers exist while weekly and long term trades contain 1 entry and 1 target. Very simple.

GBP/USD 64 pips is where day trades begin. But also most vital is Fibonacci numbers contain no place for day trades. Trade by Fibonacci for day trades will drain accounts quickly. Interest rates follow a normal distribution. Weekly and long term trades follow a normal distribution. Fibonacci distributions follows square roots of 5 and this is not a normal distribution nor is it normal to trading and all market numbers. Fibonacci was pulled out of space land and applied to market numbers.

Note 2 concepts. Central bank meetings trade 1/2 total ranges or slightly less. GBP/USD at 64 or even 128 pips is not volatility. No such concept as volatility exists in markets. Volatility means market prices are trading wildly without rhyme or reason. We know the exact location to every traded pip, what the price will trade long or short and how the destination will achieve.

Break down 64, we have 32, 16, 8. Break down 63, we have 31.5, 15.75, 7.87. We can easily factor as 31, 15, 7. Break down 62, we have more even numbers as 31, 15.5, 7.75. No real difference between 63 and 62 as total day trade ranges.

Here’s today GBP/USD at 63 pips.

Long Short Line 1.2618

Most Important 1.2563 and 1.2611 Vs 1.2625, 1.2633, 1.2641, 1.2649, 1.2665, 1.2673, 1.2681

Bottom 1.2555 achieves by 1.2570 and 1.2586

Upper Target 1.2681

Continuation Fail 1.2649.

The day trade commonality is GBP/USD always, always, contains 3 numbers at 5 multiples. Above at 64 = 1.2610, 1.2650 and 1.2570.

At 63 pips = 1.2665, 1.2570 and 1.2555. This 5 deal never changes for GBP/USD in the history of day trades. The 5 set up has been with us since 2016 or 7 years. Won’t change in the future.

We are trading at 64 and 63 pips the bare minimum of pips. Pre 2016, GBP/USD traded easily 80 and 90 pips or 160 and 180 full pips for day trades. I assure all, if GBP/USD traded 80 and 90 pips for 1/2 ranges, the so called experts today would be broke and seeking different employment. FX Street and all those dumbasses wouldn’t exist. The trade services wouldn’t exist. Only professional traders would rule the day again as they once did pre 2016.

Market trading ranges was cut by 1/3 and by central banks as interest rates were re jiggered. The cut meant 1/3 less ranges and 1/3 less profits.

Most today believe CPI is their grand day to wealth and riches. The real surprise will come when GBP/USD barely trades 64 pips in 1 direction then drops for a total 64 pip day range.

Brian Twomey