Overbought GBP/JPY at the 33 year monthly average is the same story from the perspective of EM/JPY as all EM/ JPY currencies trade at massive overbought levels. Take a pick, throw a dart and short.
Overbought begins at BGN/JPY, BRL/JPY, CNY/JPY, DKK/JPY, INR/JPY, ISK/JPY, KRW/JPY, MXN/JPY, MYR/JPY, PHP/JPY, PLN/JPY, SGD/JPY, THB/JPY. All EM/JPY are consistent to overbought USD/JPY, EUR/JPY and CAD/JPY.

Overbought DXY and USD is compatible to severely overbought to USD/CNY, USD/MYR, USD/RON, USD/TRY. The extraordinary currency is USD/TRY as light years of distance exist to targets at 18.8710 and 16.2304 from 19.000’s. USD/BRL contains a short only strategy in accordance with USD however USD/BRL overbought Vs oversold within its price path are fighting against each other.

USD/CZK is a bright and shiny currency pair however oversold USD/CZK is also fighting against the USD and DXY overbought trend. What accounts for USD/CZK is the massive trade ranges available. USD/CZK has every ability to trade 3 and 4,000 pips and this range wouldn’t dent USD/CZK’s price. USD/CZK today is what USD/CNY was years ago to massive trade ranges.

Massive overbought to USD/CNY, USD/MYR, USD/RON and USD/TRY means not only extreme overbought but all trade at uppermost tops. All are easy trades.

USD/CNY first vital break is located at 6.9466 then long term targets align as 6.8901, 6.8373, 6.8006 and caution at 6.7967.

USD/MYR on a break of 4.4725 targets 4.4415 and 4.3798 and caution at 4.3503. Holding USD/MYR from trading lower is 4.3546.

USD/RON requires a break at 4.5735 to target 4.5287 and 4.5129.

USD/CZK below 21.9476 and 22.0182 targets 21.5616.

USD/TRY targets not just 18.8710 and 16.2304 but remaining targets are located at 14.3986 and 13.0629. The weekly range is located from 19.9401 to 19.7277. Shorts for USD/TRY exists for months to come. USD/TRY will follow the USD trend miles lower.

USD/BRL below 5.0435 and 5.0487 targets 4.9531, 4.9520, 4.9037. Weekly range for longs and short: 5.0251 to 4.9561. Not much thrills to USD/BRL as overbought and oversold problems fight against each other however short only remains the strategy. The distant average below is located at 4.7786.

Brian Twomey


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