Democrats Pathway to Authoritarianism

Democrats lost political power and majorities in Congress and state legislatures in the early 1860’s when Lincoln proposed and Congress passed the 13th, 14th and 15th constitutional amendments to abolish slavery, grant 4 million blacks the right to vote, and citizenship.

Democrats with KKK assistance went on a rampage, particularly in the south and by the late 1880’s regained congressional and State legislative majorities from black office holders through KKK force, violence, intimidation, assaults and murder. Newspapers frequently covered KKK trials and described crimes and persons as savages. Then the KKK was known as the Klu Klux.

I argue in this brief essay, the Democrats propensity to seek and hold power absolutely hasn’t changed one iota since the 1860’s nor has the Democrats abandoned political groups to assist in the ascendancy to power. What changed since the 1940’s and the founding of Soviet documents is the methodology to takeover Czechoslovakia, Hungary, East Germany and Central American nations in the 1980’s: Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

The Czechoslovakia takeover provided the Democrats with a solid comprehensive plan and a road map to not only turn a nation to absolute Communism/ Socialism but an inclusion of groups, a list of issues and methods to isolate and defeat the masses and political opposition. The goal is rule by total authoritarian power, seized by legal and constitutional means and followed by an unyielding and conservative communist revolutionary ideology.

Further argued is the Democrats follow exactly the techniques to the 1940’s. The Democrat Party and government represents the top and the one main group above a large umbrella of many associated factions on the bottom. Together in a top down / bottom up strategy and decade by decade gains, control of power is seized.

The state would be the “supreme regulator of the relations between all citizens of the state”.

While focus is on the Democratic Party as the most powerful and well known entity, the Communist Party USA, Greens and Labor Unions are ideologically aligned and supporters to Democrat Party issues by supplying community organized training and personnel for issue advocation and protests, voter registration drives , and everything related to votes, money and voters at election times. Community organized workers receive a paycheck and expenses paid to travel to states, a jobs program for revolutionaries.

If the Democrat party and associated groups are viewed as a large movement or club with an accepted political agenda by all then the concept to the techniques to authoritarian power may be understood in a different perspective than what is known and accepted today. Understand top down, bottom up and dialectics then follow news stories and the model fits perfectly.

Democrat Groups and Campaigns

Prime Democrat supporters since the 1935 Wagner Act are Unions as the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organization, both merged to form the AFL CIO. Unionization then diverged to cover government employees, private industries such as the Nurses Association, Firefighters, Teachers, Educators, Electrical, Carpenters, Manufacturers, Communications, Medical, real estate, finance, insurance, securities and many more.

The Democrat party multiplied as federal, county, state and city organizations. As unions and party organizations split into separate entities, each bottom up group not only involved themselves in political activities but became democrat campaign contributors, organizers and workers. All bottom up groups.
The list fails to include cultural groups such as Gays, major and fortune 500 companies, independent donors, entities established for single and multiple issues and separate funds established for campaign contributions.

George Soros through Open Society and the Tides Foundation bankrolls an estimated 5,000 Democrat organizations. The Democrat governor’s association, Communist party, greens and unions all broadened from the base to form new groups then those groups formed new groups. The formulation of groups as a source of power and political influence never ends with Democrats.

The private sector and government employees essentially funds the Democrat Party, political activities and campaigns through union dues, donations and independent expenditures. As government grows, union dues increase with the hiring of new government workers. As America may prosper under a Trump or Reagan then union money again multiplies through additional workers from the private sector. Democrats then hold additional money to raise the threshold of political activities. Democrats never lose to the concept of finance for the Democrat Party.

Democrat Message

Interesting is the message, communicated in socialist terms, called the double meanings of Dialectics such as proletariat, workers’ classes, democrat will of the masses, decisions of the proletariat, the people. The object to employ double meaning words is never to alarm to authoritarian intentions and to communicate messages to fellow revolutionaries and groups.

Democrats and Democracy

Democrats refer to the word democracy but democracy in democratic party terms means government and spoken such as our democracy, American democracy, democracy used generally or this is not who we are, this is not our democracy.

Democrats believe big government represents democracy and a far different concept and application than the people and political opposition throughout American history since its founding. Democracy from old Greek means “people power”.

The problem with the concept of Democracy and its promotion by Democrats is the United States is a Republic rather than a democracy. As Aristotle stated in the Politics of Aristotle and America’s founders agreed, democracy is the worst form of government and assumes the poor may become rulers but also because democracy undermines the rule of law. .

Without the rule of law, demagogues become rulers and impose their own will without regards to the masses and laws. This is what is happening today on the road to authoritarianism using covert words, phrases and policies but never intended by Madison and the founders.

With 435 House of Representative members and 100 Senators, 2 from each state, each senator and representative must represent state and district to bring home needs and wants to the community. So busy to maintain this task as each section of the nation contains varied interests, senators and representative are to occupied to join the overarching principle to collusion to adopt an authoritarian agenda. Needs and wants of the community was traded for authoritarianism and a disintegration of the rule of law. And done in plain sight legally through ballots and votes.

Democratspeak Dialectics

Many examples pervade democrat speak as they only communicate in dialectics as in short, quick and incomplete sentences.

For the People Act fails to contain any benefits or reference to “the people. “. H.R. 7 The Paycheck Fairness Act, H.R. 6 The American Dream and Promise Act, H.R. 5 The Equality Act, H.R. 9 The Climate Action Now Act. H.R. 1500 Consumers First Act, H.R. 2513 The Corporate Transparency Act.

Dialectics as employed by legislation sounds good on paper to fool the masses and unsuspected to authenticate Democrat sympathies but in actuality the opposite effects are the intentions. Consumers will never be first, paychecks won’t ever be fair, nor equality nor transparency. The list of legislation in the form of dialectics is long to cover decades and a long list of brutal attacks against America.

Democrats mobilize legislative support from top down to bottom up with news media assistance by vicious attacks against Republicans as Republicans fail to support Consumers, people, transparency, equality, paychecks, fairness. Republicans support millionaires and billionaires to tax the rich issues.

Any policies and legislation not supported by Republicans incorporates Republicans in a mean spirited, non caring, against America box. Heard loud and often enough, the masses begin to accept naturally Republicans as the problem to fix America’s issues and weakens Republican support but also to garner weak republican assistance.. The imperative to authoritarianism is revolutionaries must work in cooperation in Congress to disrupt capitalism and promote authoritarianism.

Joe Biden’s campaign slogan Build Back Better warns after Democrats destroy America, Democrats will attempt to Build Back Better under authoritarianism. The term was derived from the World Economic Forum from remarks to highlight a Re Set to the world. Authoritarianism is required as dictators comply to the new harsh economic standards envisioned.

Tax the rich is as much a message to the United States but communicated to revolutionary Labor governments and groups worldwide. Then the question is the United States at the center of the communist revolutionary movement as governments adopt Democrat policies almost immediately upon Democrat election wins and associated groups comply. Once marching orders are communicated, groups and governments fall in line and set the agenda in motion.

Socialist economic policy is required to gain power for the executive branch and to steer power from the legislature/ Congress to ensure power and money constantly evolves upwards in the hands of the few and opposition parties fail to gain majorities to derail for a time the overall democrat authoritarian agenda.

Explains why Democrat legislation is never heard by traditional hearings in Congress. Once legislation is introduced, the bill then travels to the House and Senate floor for votes and quick passage.

Trump and Reagan were true threats to the agenda in the modern day while Nixon, Ford and the Bushes succumbed and were co-opted by the Democrat policy program. Trump and Reagan supported the masses and American capitalism by tax cuts, limited government, strong military defense. Both Trump and Reagan operated on complete opposite sides to Democrats authoritarian program.

The more powerful becomes the executive branch prevents an overthrow by opposition legislators, legislatures, Congress and the masses. The more power is gained by a president or executive branch, the more to solidify the agenda and shield the Democrat holding the office. The Democrat then speaks in dialectics to the masses while secretly undermining United States prosperity to secure agenda success.

The new execution by Presidential Executive Order allows a massive shift to authoritarianism as an estimated 9 million federal government workers and agencies are affected.

Agencies of the federal government are reflections of the private sector such as agriculture, education, military, transportation, labor, commerce, treasury, justice, interior. An executive order shift to authoritarianism naturally flows to and affects the private sector. Authoritarianism is adopted by osmosis in the private sector.

Most vital is the authoritarian agenda’s success. Players and Democrat names may change throughout the decades but never the agenda. As long as a D is before the name then the Roman army not only understands the matching orders but all are compliant to perform their duties in favor of the agenda.

Hypocrisy and dialectics is built into the public message due to the hidden agenda to private intentions, goals and policies associated to authoritarian takeover. Democrat words when rarely spoken are delivered quickly and in broad terms and generalities while the opposition Republicans speak in specifics and details. Democrat words and messages are never delivered in complete sentences. A sentence begins then stops abruptly.

Democrats propose a policy, speak in negative terms and the solution is always bigger government. Democrat messages appeal to emotions and heartstrings while Republicans counter by spoken words to facts, logic and reason. Appeal to emotions and heard in a constant mind control barrage weakens the inner person and soul to never think in terms of logic, facts and reason.

Bipartisanship is an impossible option as Democrats and Republicans communicate on different wavelengths and seek distinctly separate policy objectives. The rare occasion when democrats seek bipartianship is a Republican trap and the purpose is to hide Democrat final objectives. Democrats sought bipartianship on the debt limit to hide massive government spending intentions yet required was bipartianship to never tag Democrats as big spenders.

Focus Groups and Democrat Messages

Democrats regularly spend fortunes on focus groups to deliver acceptable words amenable to convince the public to true policy intentions while hiding revolutionary private objectives. In this respect, Democrats are able to test future policy as is the Democrats decades long common practice. Slogans are popular among past communist practices such as tax the rich to gain public acceptance. Today’s new word is equity and fair share.

Masks, vaccines and lockdowns now holds a test for future road maps to authoritarian government control of the masses. The question is how far can the Democrats take a test policy without mass and political opposition. The Democrat habit is stretch policy, the Constitution and bill of rights to the outer limits then a snap back occurs before the policy, constitution and bill of rights is completely broken and sent to its death. Essentially, the constitutionality to rubber band effects.

Abortion rights, reproductive rights, family planning are words amenable to abortion. Democrats represented themselves as Communists then socialists, liberal and now, progressives. Representation to Democrat association softened over the decades to hide identities and authoritarianism programs and intentions.

Democrats overall softened the language to ease populations from authoritarian fright. Pressure group was once known as the preferred term as groups apply pressure to an agenda or issue.

Immigration words for example, went from chain migration, illegals, undocumented, immigrants to current softer tone and positive migrants. Illegals aren’t crossing the border only migrants and migrants eliminates the concept and association to illegality, illegals and crossing borders.

Migrant is a more accepted word to an unsuspected public as accepted policy to hide revolutionary intentions. Meanwhile immigrant and migrant are derivative words to alien or illegal alien.

Afghanistan citizens are classified as soft toned refugees and contains the same meaning and purpose as migrant to policy as refugees and migrants not only qualify for a large assortment of government benefits but both refugees and migrants are allowed to immigrate families then those families migrate their families.

This never ending chained migration is a direct Democrat assault and confrontation to American citizens to dilute American populations and one of many avenues to assume authoritarian power over the masses.

The purpose to accept migrants and Afghan citizens is not only to dilute and attack the white majority but to house new arrivals in Republican Congressional districts to diminish Republican votes and to transfer migrants to Democrat Congressional districts to ensure Democrat majorities from now to eternity. An estimated 2 million illegals is enough to form 4 congressional districts at current 500,000 per congressional district.

Obama began the word folks to replace the legality of citizen as a means to weaken the legal concept of citizen connected to nation. Folks as friends and an acceptable word of friendship have rights and benefits no matter who they are and where they come from. Refugees and migrants are as much folks as American citizens to topped down government and forced obedience.

Democrat Public Messages

The added feature in the modern day to revolutionary intentions and authoritarian government is television and broadcast ability. The Democrats learned the skill to deliver the perfect message using dialects with co opted allies and groups in the media. The skill is located in the purposed distraction and misdirect to issues so never to understand or answer to true policy intentions, goals, beneficiaries, funding, target and costs in monetary terms.

For the People Act for example is characterized in the media as a prevention to stop Republican suppression of votes while passage of this bill allows Democrats to become the majority party from now to eternity.

Social media companies and the popular news media ensures only the Democrat party agenda is communicated in glowing, accepted and forced obedient terms. No different from the Soviet Union messages to the public.

Forced bottom up agenda acceptance begins by showing favorable polls, then emotional human interest stories, glowing terms and benefits to policy followed by the push to authoritarian policy acceptance. The process begins slowly so not to alarm the public then comes the massive forward motion to acceptance and passage.

Children, Masks, and vaccines began slowly then today, every other story on every media outlet informs to Child death from covid and other related covid and vaccines issues. All to support the Democrat agenda particularly from the Teachers and Education unions.

When policy goes wrong for Democrats then its blame Republicans as far right. News stories of sensation then appear against the intended person or target, particularly at election times. Negativity and sensation sells to the public and believed when viewed as main headlines.

Disagree with an agenda meets with derision from a multitude of groups and media companies to ostracize, isolate and destroy the character, integrity and career of the person in disagreement. Bottom up at work to drive fear to those to speak or act against Democrat policy and as usual the Democrat Party escapes connection and scrutiny. This allows the Democrats to operate unscathed nor ever to answer.

Hollywood as an essential bottom up group to Democrat messages continues its source of great power since the 1940’s when the Soviet Union took over the various Guilds governing movie making to promote the Soviet Union and Communism.

Nothing changed in the modern day as television shows and movies proliferated, so did Democrat messages, policy and social justice. The difference today is Hollywood actors and actresses and Democrat messages operates in the open and in plain sight as advocates.

Gay and gay rights is heavily seen and promoted, women are portrayed as strong men, impossible for a black person not to act as the police chief, the white majority, men and boys are assaulted,

The health of a nation is represented by culture to innovate, experiment to new products, to find new and better ways. Cultural health is represented by movies, tv shows, comedy, dance, art, paintings, design and all suitable for families. The poison of social justice was introduced to obliterate the culture. The culture and masses currently stand shell shocked from social justice abuses.

House Members Vs Senators

Democrat house members speak in strongly worded statements, more forceful, more hard hitting and to the point. Senators speak softly, easily, slowly as if the smartest person in the room speaks or an old wise grandfather. Yet the authoritarian message is the exact same but delivered in two separate sentences and tones.
The positive to Democrat speak is they always communicate in advance, through the media, targets and next candidates slated for assault. Targets are those revenue sources not already owned or contributed under the Democrat Party umbrella.

Michelle Obama informed authoritarianism and today’s circumstances were in development, “Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation.”

Constitution: Positive Vs Negative Liberties

Barrack Obama forewarned when he stated the Constitution highlights negative liberties to inform what is not allowed under the United States political system but fails to mention positive liberties as in specifically, what is allowed and how far can the political system travel until it stops. Obama provided the early warning to a stronger than normal push to authoritarianism and supplanted Fabian Socialist advocacy to move Socialism slowly by small decade by decade gains.

The Democrat Model

Note today’s Democratic party issues: Immigration, Tax the rich, Race, inequality, fair share, BLM, Defund Police, Covid, vaccines, masks, China dealings. Climate Change, minimum wage increase, Green new deal, government spending, social justice, environmental activism and gay issues.

The main pillars of political philosophy are justice, fairness, equality, freedom and above Wedge issues are all introduced, associated, and argued in socialist revolutionary terms to justice, fairness and equality but never freedom or liberty.

Wedge issues are 50 /50 propositions and accepted by only 50% of the revolutionary public and 50% rejected by political opposition. Democrat wedge issues are introduced purposely to split the public in a power play to acquire power, to communicate messages to associated revolutionary cultural and political groups to form and to divide and defeat the masses, political opposition and capitalism.

Capitalism is naturally defeated by destruction of the masses and political opposition so never to attack capitalism directly and to Democrat association to capitalism’s defeat. Authoritarianism is obviously incompatible to capitalism and both cannot co exist.

Democrat Groups

Political and cultural groups are well funded, well organized and equipped with long term issue action plans to form arguments, to strengthen and receive acceptance to issues, isolate opposition and garner support from opposite political party weak politicians. A small group of Republicans always exist to assist the authoritarian agenda.

National culture is represented by tradition, values, songs, symbols, morals, norms and histories. Destroy culture and embody hatred of country then allows unsuspected citizens to turn against country and willing to accept another manner of rule. Authoritarianism functions perfectly under such destroy culture and country scenarios as patriotism, flags and statutes as symbols of nations must break down then eliminated from existence.

Political groups are required in the political process to prevent and punish threats to coups by offering the appearance of issue acceptance under a non legitimate revolutionary rule. Group support hides non legitimate rule as if legitimacy exists.

Once groups secure funds, they join the political process by employing and recruiting like minded revolutionaries, vote, voter registration drives and issue advocation. Groups eventually graduate to lobbyists to lobby issues to Democrats, fellow revolutionaries and favorable governments worldwide.
The more bottom up groups form then the more powerful becomes the top down Democrats and to limit power to opposing parties and associated political groups. Gun control and abortion are good examples.

Once revolutionaries gain the upper hand and popularity to issues, then the more the issue becomes weak to almost mute points to the opposition and public.

Democrat Model in Action

The forces then align as Democrat government on the top and groups on the bottom. In the middle and directly in the line of fire slated for defeat and disaster are the masses, capitalism, opposition parties and opposition groups.

The strategy is top down and bottom up to crush the masses and political opposition in the center. As the Democrats win an issue or pass favorable legislation then severely weakens the masses and opposition and authoritarianism wins as reversing legislation by Republicans is nearly impossible without congressional majorities and acceptable Trump or Reagan as president.

Democrat legislation is 1000’s of pages long to reflect an authoritarian agenda known since the 1940’s. The agenda was written long ago and the only aspect missing is votes in Congress and Presidential signature to solidify by law authoritarian government.

Once Government and Groups garner more strength, power, money and increased size then the top down Democrat party introduces the next slate of wedge issues to form new groups. The ultimate goal is grow government and groups to monstrous standards for absolute authoritarian government control but also for all aspects of the private sector placed under Federal government control.

Government control under authoritarianism is a greedy system as both power and money flow upwards to the top and hinders the poor and middle classes as they receive nothing except more poverty. Money is generated from the masses, business and industry. Money and power flow directly to government.

Political and cultural groups appear and argue favorably to Democratic Party issues yet the Democrats never concede association to groups much the same as the Democrats never admitted association to the KKK in the 1860’s. Democrats privately seek assistance to fund groups but never to admit to a political or ideological association.

. On a tax the rich issue or tax the public, money disappears from the legitimate capitalist society to strengthen the authoritarian government. Power eventually becomes absolute at the top as capitalism diminishes.

The message always delivered in negative terms to the nation’s capitalist base is the rich are greedy, don’t care, serve themselves. Not only a justice, fairness and equality argument but a methodology to rip a nation apart by psychological warfare to confront middle classes and appeal directly to the bottom up poorer classes.

Middle and poorer classes are now in contention to each other as bottom up poor expect a benefit from tax the rich money meanwhile, the poor always lose to benefits.

Democrat policies contain long term objectives as the agenda was known for decades. Student loans were once 100% funded and college students graduated. Obama changed the formula to 75% funded and 25% pay by students. Students failed to graduate, college costs rose and enrollments dropped.
The next Democrat policy response became free college and introduced under Biden’s Infrastructure bill. New groups formed to argue and impose free college then colleges accepted and the masses are happy not to pay for exorbitant costs to children’s education.

Democrats gained and not only solidified colleges as a constituency but new groups formed and government grows. Colleges are now solidly in the implementation to practice the poison of social justice policies on college campuses to limit academic freedom and the free flow of ideas and theories. The losers are the political opposition and the masses as the masses answer to government rather than colleges to student issues.

Vaccines vs no vaccines, women and black race ascendency, Critical Race Theory are immediate cultural issues offered from the presidential high command to not only attack the public but to purposefully divide the masses into 50/50 arguments to cause chaos.

Democrats love chaos as much as Russians. Chaos forces a nation to lose control and this allowed the Russians to takeover in the name of re control, as savior to a nation. Authoritarian control is then imposed and the nation is defeated and forever absorbed into the Communist orbit.


Cultural issues are divide and conquer strategies as the masses fight amidst society’s chaos with 50% supporters and 50% against. Not only is political opposition identified and marked for defeat while strengthening Democrat favorable group size and fund raising abilities, new groups form to increase the size of the appearance of policy majorities.

While society and the media argues and fights the nuances of such topics as race issues, no attention is known to the top down Democrats to impose race issues to force a fight, disruption and chaos.
Main cultural issues are God, family and limited government and the 3 pillars must be destroyed and /or reduced to gain authoritarian power.

The methodology to attack family is completed by introduction to women ascendency to weaken men, race issues and Critical Race Theory to confront directly white people as the majority. The Democrat goal is alienate and weaken the white majority in power and draw acceptance from the revolutionary public.

Republicans are weakened by association as white supremacists, white majority and to association to white supremacist groups.

Critical Race theory introduced and taught in public schools contains ability to teach and manufacture future revolutionaries for service in authoritarian governments and groups but also to force acceptance to never threaten authoritarian rule.

The concept to authoritarianism leaves the political arena and enters the psychological as only Marxism is taught and ingrained in the mind. Not new to communist nations as Youth Federations were created for the purpose of authoritarian acceptance but quite new to the capitalist United States.

Abortion directly assaults god and churches. Limited government is defeated by not only increased government size and spending but institutions and agencies of government grow to centralize power and power in the hands of revolutionaries in the bureaucracy.

The true work of government is conducted by the unseen and unknown agencies through regulatory rules of agency governance as revolutionaries rubber stamp and add to promulgate the authoritarian agenda.

The rise of the administrative state protects the top down government and bottom up group program by slow roll to the public important data, analysis, classifications, investigations, research, funding. FOIA requests are equally slow rolled. The deep state forms a protective shield so nobody knows what government is doing except possibly the few with an interest to an issue.

No shortage of personnel exists to government and the deep state as revolutionaries are picked and groomed from bottom up groups and colleges.

The losers to authoritarian power and administrative state centralization is states and states rights. Only favorable Democrat states receive acceptable funding while Republican states receive nothing unless they adopt Democrat policies. The bureaucrats in the administrative state by strengthen to agency rules forces Republican acceptance for funding purposes.

Congress as appropriators to laws and policies must hold Democrat majorities and rubber stamp revolutionaries to agencies, boards, commissions, judges. The more government is staffed with revolutionaries, the better for the authoritarian agenda to constantly move forward through coordination.

Democrats are well prepared for psychological warfare as they pick the fight and always throw the first punches as they prepare for 12 round matches.

Not only a public relations stunt to offer cultural issues a farce and attack but public chaos offers Democrats the ability to keep the public occupied while the news media assists. Democrats don’t care.
Counter Revolutionaries

The dual purpose to top down government is ability to obliterate threats and stated in communist speak as counter revolutionaries. Obama and the IRS annihilated the Tea Party and associated groups from existence to weaken Republican political opposition while the inheritance tax ensures the masses remain in a stasis position. Property, possessions and money naturally flows to government.

Democrats used the FBI as a source to ensure Russia gate carries forward for years against Trump and James O’Keefe’s house and employee dwellings were raided by the FBI to find a diary misplaced by Joe Biden’s daughter.

Democrats traditionally defund the military to strike counter revolutionary intentions. Extra monies are deployed to buy votes from the bottom up poor by funding additional social welfare programs and to strengthen bottom up groups. In this dual purpose action, bottom up groups and the poor are eliminated as threats to authoritarian government as the poor remain in permanent poverty status.

Republican Groups

Gun groups and the NRA as a long term supporter of Republicans witnessed Gun laws and rules strengthen over decades by Democrats. Eliminate guns as a means to attack authoritarian rulers began as gun elimination, 7 day waiting period to ownership then to high taxes for bullets and now gun confiscation.

The attack intensified as news media and Democrat opposition groups then report NRA contributions to the Republican Party, constant gun shootings and murders, innocent children lives lost to guns, public acceptance to gun control by polls in a then and now situation. Last month or last year for example, 30% of the public favored gun control as opposed to ? 50% today.

The Government agency, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms now owns records to 54 million gun owners.

Added to IRS surveillance to bank accounts, social media posts and yearly tax forms, a data base is easily created for each individual and retrieved in seconds to find and punish counterrevolutionaries. Subscribe to the Democrat authoritarian agenda then no surveillance is necessary.

Democrats destruction of political opposition groups is performed by wedge issues so only 50% of the group accepts and 50% oppose, to use government administrative capability to strengthen rules and regulations, and to bombard the public with emotional gun stories to force full gun control acceptance.
The NRA is forced to operate under a weakened group, disband or allow Democrats to become the new owners and set the rules. A new revenue source is gained.

Tax Corporations

Democrat wedge issues target businesses, industries and Republican groups for destruction and upon demolition then ownership as a permanent constituent and revenue source under government control is the next best option. Essentially, nationalization of industry to assist the agenda’s coordination, acceptance and solidification. The message is communicated and driven from the top and conveyed to groups to perform necessary duties.

Tax corporations drives the stake through the heart of Republican funding and America’s capitalist base with the goal to attract corporations to the Democrat ownership side, to increase unionization, to split and diminish Republican’s funding base and to secure a Democrat voting bloc amenable to tax corporations by theft of Republican voters.

More than to reduce America and worldwide competitive advantage, the grand prize to tax corporations and authoritarian government is nationalization of corporations particularly banks as banks are the finance source to not only capitalism but to the masses and political opposition.

Owning banks is the next step and back door approach to fully control the Federal Reserve, an agency Democrats continue to bash mercilessly to enter the front door. The more communist appointments to the Fed board allows further inroads to decide policy and spending decisions.

Tax corporations raise prices, raises inflation, reduces wages, employment, GDP and capitalism. If ever a win existed for authoritarianism, tax corporations is the answer.

The Tax Foundations highlights corporate taxes released as part of Biden’s fiscal year 2022 budget would collect about $2 trillion in new tax revenue from businesses over 10 years. This new revenue would bring income tax collections on businesses as a portion of GDP to its highest level on a sustained basis in over 40 years.

Small Business Tax

Small businesses are the unknowns to Democrats and political alliances so therefore fall under the category of Counter Revolutionaries. Yet all businesses contain a viable revenue source as stipulated by the Tax Foundation but the unknown to potential threats is far greater.

Small businesses lack unionization and the last exploit Democrats want is a small business to grow into an Amazon or Google to become Republican supporters. Small businesses must be obliterated as a precaution.

Income tax collections from businesses also include revenue from corporate income taxes levied on C corporations and the portion of individual income tax paid by owners of pass-through businesses like partnerships, sole proprietorships, and S corporations.

Democrats not only promote psychological warfare by confrontation but pick sides and team members as well as set rules of the political game.
Worldwide Minimum Tax
To prevent the worldwide race to the bottom on corporate taxes, an agreement was reached by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Developmernt to charge a 15% worldwide minimum tax. As the Tax Foundation highlights, American companies would pay a higher tax particularly in low tax nation states. Between higher corporate and worldwide taxes then companies risk leaving the United States to seek a tax reprieve in low tax nation states.


The mid west and farms are the heartland to loyal Republican states and voters since Lincoln. Pay strict attention to wedge issues by social justice delivered to farms and Agriculture to split Republican states and voters.

Democrat Voters

A Democrat is a deeply conservative person, rigid in routines and schedules and assured to know and understand outcomes. A Democrat doesn’t operate well nor are happy with contingent or uncharted schedules.

Fear of the unknown drives Democrats to rigidity as they are cautious and suspicious of all things, events, people and circumstances. Suspicions forces Democrats to fully control events, people and all circumstances. Its their intransigent ways or nothing as they can’t operate well in a gray area.

Adamant to stringent ways, Democrats operate well on Groupthink when the group agrees. An outside or strayed member from the group is again treated with suspicion and little regard. The group as a whole is the dominant force as all agree to goals, intentions and outcomes.

China Dealings, Green New Deal and Foreign Policy

After Bill Clinton returned Chinese campaign money to Chinese donors, Obama solidified China’s position in the Democratic Party by sale of Smith Foods to the Chinese. American Pharmaceuticals are now manufactured in China.

The push for the Green New Deal further solidifies China’s position as the largest manufacturer of Solar Panels, Windmills and Wind Turbines. China’s dominance of rare Earth minerals allows American purchases to build car batteries for electric vehicles. God only knows what else China owns and contributes to dominate United States manufacturing. For Authoritarians, its an easy sale and clear choice.

Republican Answer

  1. Republicans only answer to stop Democrats is the Trump and Reagan way by trim Government severely and introduce capitalism, patriotism and love of country again.
  2. Republicans must answer Biden or a Democrat President by not attacking the top government leader but the Democrat Party must be tied to the bottom groups to reveal funding sources, people and political methodologies. Done by Wedge issues to strike Democrats directly to the center of operations by exposing techniques, processes, procedures, goals, intentions and outcomes.
  3. Over Rule the Democrat media by alerting the public in a constant daily barrage. The masses are on the side of Republican Philosophy and good goals for America. Republicans will become the majority again for many years.
  4. Stop the Democrats free ride to Authoritarianism for 100 years since Wilson. Democrats in Congress are dangerous enemies and never friends of America. Stop the Democrat partnerships by isolating Democrats and groups from the political system.

  5. Democrats in Conclusion

  6. The poison of Authoritarianism is upon us, built into the United States political system since Wilson and circumnavigated in lightening speed by Obama. Success is close as Communists never, ever reveal themselves for fear to knock the movement back many years.

  7. Democrats not only don’t care but are operating in the wide open for all to see. This alone speaks to America’s warning for under Authoritarianism, its to late for America as recovery takes many decades, if ever a chance will exists.
    1. Brian Twomey

Long Term Targets, USD/JPY, GBP/JPY, NZD/USD

USD/JPY achieved weekly target at 114.28 perfectly as written Sunday. Shorts yesterday from 114.15 traded to 114.80 lows for a quick 35 pips. USD/JPY is now overbought and weekly downside target remains 113.30 on a break of 113.71.

GBP/JPY achieved new lows yesterday at 152.36. On a target at 151.78 from 158.00’s, GBP/JPY traded within 57 pips to target. The overall target will not only reach its destination but a 3 week trade for an easy 700 ish pips.

For 700 pips to target without regards to economics or releases, central bank meetings, interest rate changes, taper, Powell, charts fibs, stops, 4 hour charts. A forward currency price doesn’t see or care to 90% to the written word in regards to possible factors for the price.

Long term target trades were not available for the majority of 2021. Only CHF/JPY for 500 ish pips yet the actual target never traded but close at high 116.00’s from 121.00’s. Long term defined as easy trades for 500 and 700 ish + pips and only requirement is click, set target and walk away to live life. Many long term target trades were shown and written on these pages over prior years.

Long term trades are now becoming available. Historically, long term trades seem to become available every 2 years or so. For 2018 and part of 2019 were terrific to long term trades. Then 2020 and now into 2021 was a drought but now end 2021, trades are opening.

The question to 2 years is a factor of our 28 currency pairs and USD Vs Non USD currencies. Currently by correlations and by the concept as the 2md side of the currency pair as the price driver, 19 of 28 currencies are USD pairs, moves with USD and driven strictly by USD.

This leaves 9 currencies as non USD such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD. These pairs are anchor pairs to the overall universe of cross pairs. Why only 9 pairs is because anchor pairs are not aligned to respective cross pair universes.

JPY cross pairs align to USD/JPY by correlations, USD/CHF aligns to AUD/CHF and other associated CHF cross pairs, EUR/CAD aligns to USD/CAD and other associated CAD cross pairs.

The standard and permanent USD currencies without regard to USD Vs Non USD are GBP/NZD, EUR/NZD, EUR/GBP, CHF/JPY, EUR/AUD and GBP/AUD. All are married at the hip to USD.

No long term trades informs USD currencies and NON USD are married and closely aligned to distances. No trades available. When USD and NON USD breakout as is seen today by breaks at long term averages then long term trades open wide for many currencies. Throw a dart at a currency and trade to long term targets is basically the scenario. Many pips are earned effortlessly and it is the time to truly bank easy pips.


Next pair to fall and /or monitor closely to 5 year averages is NZD/USD at 0.6847. NZD overall has been a dead issue for the past month and must get moving again as it traded from 0.6800’s to next vital break at 0.7200’s.

As bottom most currency by exchange rate numbers, NZD/USD break at 0.6800’s will set off a chain reaction to Non USD shorts to include EM currencies. The message is shorts are clear and safe trades.

NZD/USD 5 vital numbers for today are located at 0.6981, 0.6992, 0.7001, 0.7034 and 0.7052.


AUD/USD 5 year remains at 0.7310 and a target at 0.6902 so far.

EUR/USD Upside Vs Downside.

Took 6 months for EUR/USD to travel from 1.1400’s to 1.2300’s and 9 months to trade to 1.1400s. We have 6 up Vs 9 down and broken down to the lowest common denominator by day trades, upside Vs downside prices are vastly different and never the same. Its built into the price system permanently to uneven numbered price paths.

Take NZDUSD for example. The first 2 numbers in NZD/USD’s price path is 0.7020 and 0.7025 and ends in 5 and a permanent day trade condition. No other number is uniform to end in 5. GBP/JPY upside target today is located at 153.50 but no downside price ends in 0.

Most vital to 5 year averages is GBP/USD at 1.3095 and USD/CAD at 1.3048.

Brian Twomey


EUR/USD not only traded to day trade lows yesterday at 1.1519 but at the 2:00 pm hour and at the close of the bond market, EUR/USD broke 1.1490. Lows at 1.1464 traded 7 pips above next point at 1.1457 as reported yesterday.

EUR/USD now completes a full 6 month circle from the July 2020 break higher at 1.1400’s to 1.2300’s in January 2021. Took 9 months on this trip for EUR/USD to trade from 1.2300’s to break 1.1490. As written and shown many times over many years on these pages, all EUR/USD trends reverse as a neutral currency pair but also as a leader currency.

The first signs to reversal from 1.2300’s was vital averages were falling instead of rising to inform long term strategy was short only. Today’s vital averages are falling and vital averages as follows 1.1601, 1.1613. 1.1654 and 1.1681. Weeks ago was reported 1.1665 and 1.1620 and today 1.1654 and 1.1613.

Short strategies continue unless averages begin to rise again. Today’s EUR/USD day trade lows are located at 1.1423, 1.1441, 1.1456. Compared to yesterday, 1.1457, 1.1429, 1.1379, 1.1258 and 1.1197.

Not much difference from longer term vital points to day trades. Why day trades are used for extra pips during the week and to rely on much easier weekly trades as main profits. And because day trades require screen watching to trade vital points as opposed to no screen watching for weekly trades. Set and go and live life for weekly trades.


AUD/USD is the next to threaten a break at the 5 year average at 0.7310. Lower on a break to consult long term AUD/USD as written, targets 0.7285, 0.7237, 0.7180 and 0.7166.
AUD/USD day trade 5 vital numbers are located today at 0.7277, 0.7296, 0.7302, 0.7332 and 0.7351.
AUD/JPY 5 year is located at 80.00’s and from current 83.00’s, contains a long way to drop. AUD/JPY as reported yesterday, dropped +100 ish pips in 3 weeks to gain zero traction.


Current price path is located at 1.3094, 1.3115, 1.3117, 1.3120, 1.3136, 1.3273. For higher, GBP/USD must break above 1.3405 and 1.3479.

Day trade highs are located at 1.3458 and 1.3492.

USD/JPY Weekly Trade Results

As written Sunday, USD/JPY targets to 114.27 and 114.36 then targets shorts at 113.40.
USD/JPY achieved highs so far at 114.15 from 112.72 lows or + 143 pips. Day trade highs are located at 114.22 and 114.51. Grab shorts if USD/JPY rises.

Entries? How much profits do traders wish to earn as entries don’t matter a hill of beans.

And completed by pen, paper and calculator. All will receive just what is paid for using Technical analysis.

Brian Twomey

EUR/USD, USD/JPY and Technical Analysis

To target 1.1700’s, EUR/USD must cross massive hurdles at 1.1601, 1.1613. 1.1654 and 1.1681. Bottoms are located at 1.1533, 1.1519 and big break at the 5 year average 1.1490. Immediate targets on a break of 1.1490 are found at 1.1457, 1.1429, 1.1379, 1.1258 and 1.1197.

Break below 1.1490 on the way to 1.0800’s. Overall EUR/USD ranges from 1.1490 to 1.1601, and 1.1613 and no significant changes over the past 3 and 4 weeks.

Day trades for today and 5 numbers: 1.1519, 1.1543, 1.1554, 1.1607 and 1.1638. Watch 1.1607.
USD/JPY immediate targets on a break of 112.21 are located at 111.12 then 110.91 and 110.06.

Day trades for today and 5 numbers 112.31, 112.54, 112.72, 113.16 and 113.47.

Correlations run correctly at -96% for EUR/USD V USD/JPY.

JPY Cross Pair Results

As posted Oct 15,

GBP/JPY target 151.78 achieved lows so far at 152.69 from 158.00 highs and the trade runs +600 pips in less than 1 month. Only trade requirement was click and go live life.

EUR/JPY targets 129.24 from 132.00 highs. Lows achieved so far 130.63. The trade runs + 132. pips. Only trade requirement was click and go live life.

NZD/JPY targets 76.57. As reported, NZD/JPY was least favored among JPY cross pairs. Lows achieved 80.11 so far from 81.00 highs. Correct as least favored. yet the trade runs + 100 ish pips.

CAD/JPY targets 88.36. CAD/JPY achieved lows so far at 90.41 from 92.00 highs. The trade runs +200 ish pips.

AUD/JPY targets 81.33 from 84.00 highs. Lows achieved so far 82.99 and the trade runs +100 pips.

USD/JPY and JPY cross pairs still contain a long way to drop.

Technical Analysis

Note. No stops, charts, Fibs and the fallacy of the 4 hour chart. Professional traders and those with a strategy don’t use technical analysis and its why they are able to profit consistently.

Technical analysis is where trading begins but eventually a trader must advance to a strategy & constantly build on the strategy for trade improvement and ease of trades. The goal is most profits in the easiest of ways.

Takes many years but the concept to improved strategies never ends in the search to find easier ways to trades and profits. Technical analysis is good as a beginner trader because found will be all the many ways technical analysis doesn’t work and results in losses.

Traders will then reach the point when its time to improve on a strategy or losses will mount and markets will bounce all from existence.

Only then consideration to good or professional trader status is earned by understanding and this leads to consistent. profits. As stated many times, understanding is 1/2 the battle to winning but understanding to the price is required otherwise trading roads remain rocky and full of holes.

Brian Twomey

How to Trade FX at Sunday Night Open

When markets open Sunday evening, the price lacks an input for forward motion. Lack of forward price information places the traded price to past views from Friday by no other choice. Sunday night opens is the only time during a trading week, the price trades Friday or backwards prices.

The time factor remains on a normal past schedule as the 1 hour fall back period didn’t start officially until the China open.


From Friday, GBP/USD was dealing with 2 prices: at the Sunday open: 1.3490 and 1.3493. We’ll term 1 price a forward price and the second a backward price. GBP/USD traded on the first hour from 1.3492 to 1.3475. At 1.3492 is known but where is 1.3475 at the bottom support.

Bottom supports from Friday morning were located at 1.3451 and 1.3464. However Friday morning prices no longer count as interest rates changed Friday afternoon which means we may or may not have significant differences to prices.

From 1.3490, we have supports at 1.3449 and 1.3461 From 1.3493, supports are located at 1.3452 and 1.3464. Not a significant difference this trip yet important to know exactly where all prices are located for longs and shorts as not many pips trade anymore and to trade perfectly for maximum pips.

Price information for Sunday open we know supports are located at 1.3461 and 1.3464 and we know GBP/USD is oversold and long is the way.

Where is 1.3475. From 1.3461 to 1.3491 is 30 pips or 1/2 at 15. From 1.3490 offers 1.3475 and from 1.3493 allows 1.3478. The past price at 1.3490 was the correct price to factor. But we also knew 1.3475 was close to 1.3464 and 1.3461.

The last factor is the number 14. From 1.3490, allows 1.3476 and 1.3493 offers 1.3479. So far, we have 1.3475, 1.3476 and 1.3479 as supports and long.

To factor the range from 1.3475 to 1.3492 offers 8 pips. This places supports at 1.3483 from 1.3490, and 1.3485 from 1.3493. From 1.3461 offers 1.3469 and from 1.3464 offers 1.3472. The above is wrong to entry and must be wrong to target.

A long from 1.3475 traded to 1.3491 for 16 pips. We have 1.3490 and 1.3493 as vital resistance points but the Sunday open already informed to resistance points. We required bottoms. If the price broke above 1.3490 and 1.3493, then focus becomes upside trade targets. Upside targets are already known from Friday’s new adjustment to interest rates.

The overall trade duration for Sunday is 3 1/2 hours due to the fall back 1 hour time change. Normally for 6 months of every year, day trades run from 9:30 pm and 2:30 am EST and today for the next 6 months, 8:30 pm and 1:30 am. We had 3 1.2 hours on th Sunday open as opposed to 4 1/2 hours from 5:00 pm to 9:30 pm.

Once markets officially open, the above information becomes completely worthless to trades, entries, targets, supports and resistance points. Required is a new factor for supports and resistance and bottoms and tops to know entries and targets. A new factor is known from price information and when nations release interest rates.

While GBP/USD was highlighted as today’s example, every currency pair on the planet works for Sunday night open trades as the back price, support and resistance from Friday must be known for perfect trading.

Brian Twomey

FX Weekly: EUR and Cycles, GBP, JPY Targets

Tough week ahead for currency markets as trade selection is most vital. From 13 currency pairs traded weekly over many years, here’s the best, EUR/USD, AUD/USD, CAD/JPY, USD/CAD, EUR/NZD. For EUR/NZD trades due to oversold.

USD/CAD is in contention to oversold CAD/CHF and fairly neutral CAD/JPY while EUR/USD and AUD/USD trades are clear. USD/CAD’s fate is decided by 1.2451 and this level will lead CAD/CHF and CAD/JPY movements.

USD/CHF begins the week deeply oversold as well as counterparts GBP/CHF, AUD/CHF, NZD/CHF and CAD/CHF. The problem with CHF cross pairs is all are off kilter to the respective universe. AUD/CHF is off kilter to AUD/USD, NZD/CHF to NZD/USD and CAD/CHF to USD/CAD. Oversold GBP/CHF remains in sync to GBP/USD only because GBP/USD is oversold.

The next problem with USD/CHF and CHF cross pairs is all lack range. CAD/CHF, AUD/CHF and GBP/CHF are the best trades to profit a few pips but don’t look for any exciting movements as ranges won’t allow good moves.

Tough week leads to the month long problem to EUR/USD Vs USD/CAD at 5 year averages and GBP/USD Vs EUR/GBP. USD/CAD gained upward moves away from 1.2217 while EUR/USD 1.1490 and rising decides EUR/USD.

EUR/GBP sits just above 10 and 15 year averages now at rising 0.8424 and 0.8401 while GBP/USD pretty much is allowed to float from 1.3412 to 1.3800’s. EUR/GBP begins the week slight overbought while GBP/USD and all GBP pairs sits deeply oversold to include GBP/EM.


Take your pick, throw a dart and long deeply oversold, GBP/CNY, GBP/CZK, GBP/DKK, GBP/MYR, GBP/PLN, GBP/RON, GBP/SEK, GBP/SGD. GBP/TRY sits overbought while GBP/ZAR begins the week fairly neutral.

EUR/USD and 2500 Pip Cycles

Long term views to currency prices is factored as 2500 pips and certain pairs less but not much off 2500. For EUR/USD 2500 is to much unless a bombshell year occurs. Generally 1500 to 1800 pips is a good EUR/USD measure.

When EUR/USD bottomed at 1.0600’s in year 2020, EUR/USD traveled 1700 pips to 1.2300. For 2021, EUR/USD dropped 800 pips from 1.2300’s to 1500’s or 1/2 of 1700.

The EUR/USD target on a break of 1.1490 at the 5 year average is 1.0800 or 1500 pips from 1.2300. EUR/USD at present 800 pips is at the halfway point. Higher at 400 pips takes EUR/USD to the 10 year average and massive resistance at 1.1900’s and 1.2027 when the downtrend begins again.

November /December begins EUR/USD seasonal downtrends to last until May and June then the uptrends begin to November / December. EUR/USD trades higher then we continue the short only program or breaks at 1.1490 and trades to 1.0800’s. Then we’re long to around 1.1300’s and a break takes us to 1.2500’s or 1700 pips.

EUR/USD higher by 400 pips would take USD/JPY lower to our 109.00 target from current 113.00’s.

Break down 2500 as 1250, 625, 312, 156. Normally our currency pairs are trading within the context of 312 pip ranges between 2 vital support and resistance points. Current Averages broke 312 to surround 156.

This is the case for EUR/USD 1.1400 to 1.1600, NZD/USD 0.6800 to 0.7200, AUD/USD 0.7300 to 0.7400’s, USD/CAD 1.2200 to 1.2400’s. Proper for cross pairs to trade higher than anchor pairs by about 2 times yet cross pairs are trading the same pip amounts as anchor pairs.

The concept of volatility and market price movements is at the lowest depths in many many years and I define as dead markets. Prices require breaks to get moving again but 5 and 10 year averges are holding up progress. Know 312 and 156 then this defines weekly trades count by fingers. EM markets are no different as ranges disintegrated. Does this condition remain as we trade at the 50th year since the free float or breakout and trade back to normal is an ongoing question.

The early warning to 156 and problems is deeply oversold USD/CHF without any range ability and CHF cross pairs oversold and not in sync to anchor pairs such as AUD/CHF and AUD/USD.

            CHF/JPY and 2500 Pips

CHF/JPY bottomed at 106.00’s in 2018 and traded to current 125.00’s or 1900 pips or roughly 630 pips per year. At 1/2 of 1900 or 900 pips takes us to our target at 116.00, 115.00’s. Not only is CHF/JPY overbought from averages, short, medium and long term but shorts is the only strategy.

Wide Rangers GBP/CAD, GBP/NZD and EUR/NZD.

GBP/CAD broke the 5 year average at 1.7067 and traveled down a deeply oversold track to current 1.6700. The target on the 5 year is 1.6600’s and higher must break 1.7067 and 1.7093 to target 1.7202. Long term targets are much higher for GBP/CAD when 1.7067 breaks.

EUR/NZD broke the 5 year at 1.6400, traded to 1.6100’s. Long term targets are located at 1.6500’s and 1.6600’s when EUR/NZD breaks the 5 year.

GBP/NZD 1.9137 at the 5 year must clear then next 1.9343 and headwinds at 1.9400’s.

USD/JPY targets to 114.27 and 114.36 then targets 113.40.


Added to a tough week is absolutely nothing is available to trade in EUR/EM Vs USD/EM. EUR/CZK is deeply oversold along with EUR/CNY and overbought to EUR/TRY. USD/EM is slightly overbought USD/DKK and USD/HRK while overbought USD/TRY.

Most EUR/EM and USD/EM currencies begin the week at vital breaks to include BRL.

Brian Twomey

GBP, ECB Money Supplies and Next Week

Deeply oversold GBP/USD upon BOE dropped 100 pips. The characteristically skitzy nature of GBP/USD born from the BOE dropped from vital 1.3589 to 1.3532 or 57 phantom pips. Phantom pips belongs to the trader on rebounds as free money as the only trade was long. The only trade today is long, next week is long.

GBP/USD longer term vitals are located at 1.3484, 1.3458, 1.3412, 1.3373. Then the 5 year average at 1.3091.

Today’s day trade vitals: 1.3423, 1.3451, 1.3464, 1.3526, 1.3559.
The BOE and GBP/USD are followers but never leaders. When the Fed or ECB raises then the BOE follows. We have 3 central bank leaders: ECB, FED and RBNZ. The remainder follow. The BOE decision was expected rather than classified as a disappointment.

Powell faced 2 options with Inflation at 4% and Fed Funds at 0.08. Either taper the money supply or raise rates as Inflation is born, lives, rises and falls from the money supply. All market prices are located in the money supply yet so sensitive is this information, central banks release money supply date for the past month.

Current ECB M3 is running at 7.4 billion, down from previous months at 7.9 billion, 7.6, 8.3. For M3 dropped in 2021 from 12.5 billion. M1 money dropped from 16.5 billion im January to current 11.0 and 11.0 for the past 3 months. At some point soon, the ECB will be forced to raise as the risk is much higher Inflation.

Futures contract trade by money supplies. For EUR/USD at 11 billion to M1. Factor your contracts to money supplies and revealed is 11 billion is allowed something like 19 to 20 billion to highlight an overbought EUR/USD. Normally EUR/USD runs about 8 to 9 billion contracts over the money supply to consider overbought EUR and short.

Oversold EUR/USD works in the opposite direction to factor money supply lows to Futures contracts. Then the last possible trade exists as M1 and M3 crossovers. Not seen often especially in QE days but happens under normal circumstances.
Next Week
Every currency as GBP/other currency sits at richter scale oversold. GBP oversold matches GBP/EM s GBP/CNY however many GBP/EM currencies are on the verge of breaks higher.

AUD approaches oversold and long for next week. Overbought USD/JPY short for next week. USD/CAD we’re looking for a close around 1.2483 for shorts next week. USD/CAD 1.2499 then shorts would become more attractive.

EUR/USD longs for next week however with a lazer bean focus on 1.1489.

Lower EUR/AUD then decent longs however GBP/AUD is not only the better trade but GBP/AUD at 1.8220 matches its close last week at 1.8188. GBP/AUD was the clear winner trade this week as we traded longs and shorts.

Brian Twomey

GBP/USD and Long Term Trades: USD/CHF, AUD/CHF, NZD/CHF

GBP/USD achieved 1.3691 for the Fed and 10 pips off the morning day trade highs at 1.3701. On certain days, day trades are good for 24 hours and other times day trades requires an additional factor to ensure accurate trades.

Here’s GBP/USD for last 24 hours: 1.3602, 1.3665 and 1.3701.

Yesterday morning GBP/USD was deeply oversold and as written, long was the only trade. Today’s GBP/USD is in the same position as yesterday, deeply oversold and long is the only trade. If BOE offers a slight drop then many free bonus points will add to the trade.

GBP/USD at 10:00 will trade at 1.3643 and 1.3670. Could easily see a dead GBP from BOE.
Friday’s GBP/USD close price is expected at 1.3711 ish and we trade GBP/USD weekly trade long. Any close at 1.3738 then GBP/USD is relegated to the back bench as they say in the UK House of Commons to trade possible shorts.

GBP/JPY close around 156.45 ish then so question to GBP/USD shorts.

GBP/CHF contains range problems and isn’t worth much to trade efforts while GBP/CAD sits at its usual 2 week deeply oversold position. Deeply oversold GBP/NZD looks like long next week and a close price around 1.9197. GBP/AUD long next week with a close around 1.8346. Lower offers a great long trade to match this week’s trade.

BOE preview 50 pips. Fed preview 30 pips. RBA preview 40 pips. A trader’s job is trade markets correctly and avoid hype. Remember this from the MCI post: central banks control interest rates so therefore control markets and prices. Interest rate markets were once open and free but no longer since 2016. If ever central banks release controls, markets will trade normal again but until then, prices are under central bank dominion.


5 vitals 1.3589, 1.3613, 1.3627, 1.3692 and 1.3737.

Long Term Trades USD/CHF, AUD/CHF, NZD/CHF

USD/CHF targets 0.9334 and practically the same target upon last review many months ago. USD/CHF achieved target from last review. Current target is achieved by breaks higher at 0.9148, 0.9171 and 0.9282. Not much to USD/CHF except long drops.


AUD/CHF is the bottom pair in the AUD universe and AUD/CAD at the top. AUD/CHF is currently oversold and long term targets are located at 0.6959 or 200 ish pips. AUD/CHF achieves targets by breaks higher at 0.6723, 0.6765, 0.6811, 0.6834 and 0.6899. AUD/CHF will trade and track alongside USD/CHF.


Not much to NZD/CHF for long term trades. The vital points are located at 0.6346, 0.6427, 0.6467 and 00.6514 and .6569. To target 0.6700’s, NZD/USD must break 0.6602. AUD/CHF and CAD/CHF are better trades and GBP/CHF when GBP/CHF trades correctly.

Brian Twomey


USD/JPY as written Sunday, Short at 114.33 to target 113.28 then 112.87. Highs located at 114.43 and lows achieved 113.45 so far for +98 pips and a 1 day trade. Today’s highs are located again at 114.43 and 114.35 then short to target 113.36 and 113.29. And maintain the short only program until targets achieves light years lower.

Note GBP/AUD sitting on supports at 1.8090 and 1.7932 as written Sunday. GBPAUD rose 162 pips this week. Seen GBP/AUD on anyone’s radar. No. Your Fx leaders, analysts and webinar officionados are busy still trying to hit the same 20 pip trade from years ago.

AUD/USD yesterday from 0.7460 shorts as written achieved easily 0.7424 and lows at 0.7419. All received a gift of 5 extra pips.

AUD/USD traded 40 ish pips for RBA. That’s 40 pips to include all economic forecasts from the past. They call it macro today and it doesn’t profit 1 pip. If GDP is released today, then run the data for forecast to know where the price will trade upon release. Problem with this its no longer required to perform such unnecessary tasks and not even the macro people run data. What good is GDP overall in the written word.
GBP/USD day trade then and ow

Day trades in 1975 were written in interest rate stone and nothing changed today. Nothing will change in year 2025, 4000. Daily count by fingers and characteristics to each currency pair also remains a constant and will never change. AUD/USD and NZD/USD are lumped together as if they are the same currency pair. Not even close to the truth as light years of difference exits.

Take it from not only a 17 year trader but a 17 year researcher in all aspects of FX. I drilled down deep enough to the currency price to know how to day trade by counting fingers. Next is weekly trades to count by fingers.

Its all central bank driven and the ECB is not only the joker but leader of the central bank pack.
GBP/USD 5 vital numbers for today: 1.3562, 1.3589, 1.3602, 1.3665 and 1.3701. GBP/USD as reported Sunday is deeply oversold. Long is the only trade, don’t wait and don’t sit on the sidelines.

Long Term Trades GBP/AUD, EUR/NZD, CAD/CHF and GBP/NZD


Higher for GBP/AUD tough resistance is located at 1.8250, 1.8341 and 1.8385, 1.8403, 1.8456 and below at 1.8195 1.8091 then 1.7934. Nothing special to a long term target as GBP/AUD will range range however in large ranges. A terrific currency pair to trade.


EUR/NZD was hit extraordinarily hard as the 10 year average broke lower from 1.6400’s and traded to 1.6081 lows. Long term targets assumes the 10 year breaks higher to target 1.6490, 1.6522, 1.6555 then 1.6697. EUR/NZD has since recovered from 1.6081 lows to trade highs at 1.6321. Short term EUR/NZD remains deeply oversold and a long only strategy.


Opposite pair to USD/CAD. Higher CAD/CHF equates to lower USD/CAD. Nothing special to CAD/CHF. Lower vitals include 0.7209, 0.7240, 0.7257, 0.7290 then 0.7329 and 0.7371. CAD/CHF serves its purpose currently as a weekly trade.


GBP/NZD broke its 5 year average at 1.9137 and traded to 1.8900 lows and since recivered to 1.9158. GBP/NZD higher must again break 1.9137 to target 1.9262, 1.9279 and 1.9397. GBP/NZD runs into a brick wall at 1.9412, 1.9467 and 1.9488. Oversold GBP/NZD best strategy is long only amd a weekly target at 1.9317.

Brian Twomey

Day Trade History, AUD/USD and NZD/USD

The difference between day trades from the 1972 free float to today is zero once interest rate markets were established in about 1975. Took about 3 years because they didn’t have a clue what they were doing to a newly created market and then the question how would interest rates connect to currency prices. Frankel from Harvard wrote the definitive 1975 paper.

The only difference from 1`972 to today is the range but the set up is the exact same and applies to not only every currency on the planet but to stocks, bonds, yields, commodities.

Ranges from 1975 to today changed drastically. Today’s day trades post 2016 requires a strong strategy because central banks limited ranges and profit potential to bare minimums while pre 2016 ranges were much wider and profits were much larger.

The entire system of currency and market prices is Fixed, not rigged but fixed from 1972 to 2021 and long into the future. Know this concept: levels, ranges and targets. The system is Fixed by mathematics but simple math and by interest rates. Both fit hand to glove perfectly.

Ask this question. How does every platform on the planet know where prices start and stop. The answer is platforms are Fixed every trading day so only slight differences exists to daily currency and market prices because only slight differences exist to interest rates and mathematics.

The BOE informed in 2010, we will limit volatility and by 2014, the ECB embarked on a 2 year study to re vamp interest rates. Central banks traveled a long way since 1972 and Frankel’s 1975 paper.

The RBNZ raised interest rates by a full 25 points. What bearing did a 25 point raise have on NZD/USD. Zero. What if the RBNZ lowered by 25 point. Zero effects. The headline interest rate is the most worthless rate on the planet as it doesn’t move the currency price except to trade the announcement then 2 minutes later, its over and NZD/USD trades back to normal.

Compare NZD prices today to an interest rate raise. Did we know the RBNZ changed rates. The Fed insults our intelligence by reporting raise in 2022, 2025 2050.

Here’s RBNZ rates today. 0.67, 0.73, 0.80, 1.54, 2.01, 2.31 and 2.52. I will throw in the 10 to 2 year spread at 0.48 because the RBNZ loves this rate. Fed rates run from 0.05 to the 10 year yield at 1.55. The difference between Fed and RBNZ rates to today’s NZD/USD day trades? Nothing, zero, nada. Its the same old thing every trade day. Its all Fixed.

We’re actually moving on from interest rates to trade by counting on fingers. This is what markets are reduced to, simple counting.

Here’s the NZD/USD joke for today played on traders and markets by central bank comedians.
0.7127, 0.7136, 0.7141, 0.7145, 0.7148, 0.7168, 0.7173, 0.7182, 0.7186, 0.7191, 0.7196 and 0.7201. See volatility. Of course not.

Extract 5 vital numbers: 0.7127, 0.7141, 0.7148, 0.7182, 0.7201. See 0.7141 and 0.7148. Now all see NZD/USD’s relationship to USD/NZD or 3 pip differential. Central banks extracted day trades from markets or at least offered a tough way tio make a living.

Explains why we moved on long ago to perfect weekly and long term trades as those trades are much easier and profits much greater than day trades. Day trades are used for extra profits added to weekly trades.

Where will NZD/USD trade for the next 5 hours. In mid range where no trade exists but this is where the strong strategy comes in because central banks limited movements. The knowledge of the currency price and movements must garner a greater understanding to profit.

RBA preview

GDP yesterday and tomorrow. Taper, 3 year bond, raise OCR 2033, 2050, infinity, never. So far no money was earned, nor a trade or direction, nor rhyme nor reason.


The RBA sees traders coming and here is the dilemma. AUD/USD big break is located at 0.7460. Not a great time to trade RBA as usual. Normally AUD/USD is mid range and without an RBA trade. Now we have a vital point.

AUD/USD Day Trade

0.7436, 0.7445,0.7455, 0.7462, 0.7470, 0.7478, 0.7483, 0.7488, 0.7493, 0.7502, 0.7507 and 0.7512.
On a larger scale, Overbought begins at 0.7533 and short is the way.

Depending on today’s trading, above points may or may not adjust for RBA but only by a few pips.
The actual trade. We will know exactly long before RBA.

Brian Twomey

Monetary Conditions Index and EUR/USD long term forecast

The ECB and many central banks no longer rely on the Monetary Conditions Index as the forecast for simultaneous predictions to interest and exchange rates but the ECB maintains and factors the MCI with periodic updates.

Personally, I thought the MCI was a great trade tool to forecast. The MCI was replaced with the Taylor Rule as a forecast to know the appropriate level of the interest rate. The exchange rate portion was eliminated. As usual, for a full and deep report to MCI, see my blog site.

The last MCI forecast was completed July. One line most vital is this: In the case of the euro, the interest rates are controlled by the ECB, while the exchange rate responds to many influences other than monetary policy decision. Ask this question: is a market price a financial instrument or an instrument of monetary policy.

As an instrument of monetary policy, the money supply is the only relevant document for predictions to exchange rates because money supplies are tied to Currency Futures prices. Everything else is irrelevant due to one moment in time scenarios however money supplies provides an insight to GDP, interest rates and economic releases by the loose or tight monetary policy concept. The market price is a pure financial instrument and doesn’t care one iota to the latest GDP or whatever financial release.

MCI 1999 to 2021 measured against the ECB’s Exchange rate index. Notice 2002 to 2006 was a tightening cycle and the EUR/USD went on a rampage higher. Today, monetary policy is loose and EUR/USD is threatening to break its 5 year average and head lower.

           EUR/USD Forecast to 10 Years, not necessarily averages but to 10 years. MA averages is the only manner to trade for maximum profits and for trader growth to easier and more in depth strategies. Averages must align properly or all are wrong. Averages from charts are miles wrong. 

2011 2014 2017 2020

The levels and targets are perfect to highly, highly accurate, The 4 hour chart and forecast used by many traders is the most wrong and most irrelevant document ever concocted.
1.1557 – 1.1543.

1.1650 – 1.1573.

November :1.1821 – 1.1649. Current 1.1647 -1.1564.

1.1803 – 1.1617

1.2079 – 1.1709

1.2144 – 1.1730

1.1919 – 1.1063

1.2001 – 1.0894

5 year average Meaningless
Appropriate to use as 7 is a vital number to market averages.

1.3083 – 1.1255.

The 10 year at 1.3083 is interesting as this number matches GBP/USD’s 5 year average at 1.3087 and USD/CAD at 1.3055. At 1.3000’s is the overall dividing line for currency prices. Only GBP/USD trades above.

Brian Twomey

EUR/USD to 10 Year Forecasts

Below are EUR/USD levels and targets to cover 10 years, not necessarily averages but 10 years. The levels and targets are perfect to highly, highly accurate, The question was will the EUR/USD break below the 5 year average at 1.1487. The short term targets says no due to many supports at 1.1500’s. However if the break occurs targets are located at 1.1255, 1.1063 and 1.0894.

The 4 hour was completed to check forecasts to our gamblers, crooked currency analysts and website writers who rely on this time frame. I don’t see where it has any value, purpose or meaning to trades.

The 10 year at 1.3083 is interesting as this number matches GBP/USD’s 5 year average at 1.3087 and USD/CAD at 1.3055. At 1.3000’s is the overall dividing line. Only GBP/USD trades above.

What is 1.3083. When the ECB went negative Eonia in 2014, EUR/USD traded at 1.3900’s and the 10 year average was located at 1.3200’s. The ECB went further negative and the EUR/USD broke below 1.3200 to eventually trade to 1.0300’s.

4 hour 1.1557 – 1.1543.

Daily 1.1650 – 1.1573.

Monthly November :1.1821 – 1.1649. Current 1.1647 -1.1564.

3 Month 1.1803 – 1.1617

6 Month 1.2079 – 1.1709

1 Year 1.2144 – 1.1730

2 Year 1.1919 – 1.1063

4 Year 1.2001 – 1.0894

5 year. Meaningless

7 Year. Probably appropriate to use as 7 is a vital number to market averages.

10 Year 1.3083 – 1.1255.

Brian Twomey

EUR, GBP, CAD, JPY, EM, 10 Year Yield

EUR/USD and GBP/USD begin the week oversold while AUD/USD and NZD/USD start at massive overbought. Last week’s EUR/USD at 1.1620 and 1.1665 is now 1.1617 and 1.1659. GBP/USD last week at 1.3840 is now 1.3841 and 1.3855.

EUR/USD and USD/CAD begins the week oversold. EUR/USD sits just above the 5 year average at 1.1487. EUR/USD targets 1.1255 on a break. USD/CAD trades just above its 5 year average at 1.2212. A break targets 1.1800’s.

While GBP/USD 1.3841 and 1.3855 covers the upside, below exists 1.3486 and 1.3415.

GBP/USD’s price path is factored as 1.3087, 1.3117, 1.3124, 1.3241, 1.3359, 1.3415, 1.3486, 1.3706, 1.3774, 1.3841 and 1.3855.

Lower GBP/USD is supported by EUR/GBP as the 10 and 15 year averages sit just below at 0.8421 and 0.8402. If EUR/GBP breaks below then GBP/USD targets again 1.3841 and 1.3855.

USD/CHF sits at oversold to extremes and matches oversold USD/CAD while USD/JPY as the outlier for the week, begins overbought. USD/JPY overbought assists lower to JPY cross pairs. GBP/JPY at 155.00’s is down 300 pips from 158.00’s, EUR/JPY down 200 from 133.00’s.

USD/JPY and JPY cross pairs contain light years of downside yet to trade. The strategy over next months is short and GBP/JPY is the leader to dictate direction for all JPY cross pairs.

The currency market contention remains EUR/USD Vs USD/CAD as both trade above 5 year averages. EUR/USD or USD/CAD must break in order to open wider trading ranges, particularly for GBP/CAD and EUR/CAD as most effected by USD/CAD.

Deeply oversold EUR/CAD higher must break 1.4484, 1.4557 and 1.4574 then EUR/CAD opens to a 400 pip trade range from 1.4500’s to 1.4900’s. GBP/CAD faces massive resistance on the way up from 1.7066, 1.7145, 1.7288 and 1.7337. GBP/CAD doesn’t walk through current levels easily.

USD/CAD higher is assisted by massive overbought CAD/EM and richter scale overbought CAD/ZAR while EUR/USD higher is supported by overbought CAD/ZAR and USD/JPY.


AUD/USD is the far better short trade than NZD as AUD/USD short is well supported by massive overbought AUD/EM across all currencies and the same currencies we’ve tracked over last months. The best AUD/EM short is AUD/TRY but take your pick as all AUD/EM currencies offer free money trades.
AUD/USD price path is located at 0.7285, 0.7311, 0.7398, 0.7458, 0.7691, 0.7825, 0.8103 and 0.8345.


NZD/USD was described last week as a mixed bag and for the most part, mixed bag characterizes overall NZD for the past month to include NZD/EM. The positive to NZD is the beginning to NZD/USD aligning properly to its cross pairs and NZD/EM. While NZD/USD begins the week overbought, the degree to overbought is nothing special. The big NZD/USD trade is in alignment stages and for the week we are short.

NZD/USD price path is located at 0.6848, 0.6864, 0.6923, 0.7047, 0.7078, 0.7096, 0.7253 and 0.7291. NZD over the past month not only lacks a trading range but averages are compressing and affecting all cross pairs and NZD/EM. The best NZD currency is NZD/JPY.

The worst NZD currency is NZD/CHF. AUD/CHF and CAD/CHF offer much better trade opportunities for the week.

Watch GBP/AUD for the week as GBP/AUD sits just above big levels at 1.8090 and 1.7932.

CHF/JPY at 124.00’s offers an incredible short opportunity as CHF/JPY remains massive overbought to averages dating to 1999. Overbought was the result to positive correlations to USD/JPY. Look for USD/JPY short at 114.33 for the week as next targets are located at 113.28 then 112.87. Lower USD/JPY will assist to CHF/JPY shorts.

10 year Yield.

From September 29 post to the 10 year yield, the range was located from 1.6146 to 1.8696. Over the past 3 weeks, 1.6146 broke lower to 1.5080 and highs were located at 1.7020. Lower 10 year yield assisted to Gold’s rise. The 10 year yield at 1.5080 is located from 1.5182 – 1.4941 as posted September 29. No mysteries to entries and targets ever exist.

The 10 year yield from the close at 1.5610 offers bottoms at 1.5531. The daily price path over next days is located from 1.5404, 1.5495, 1.5531, 1.5726 and 1.5818.

For the 10 year yield, interest rates predict interest rates and explains why wide ranges are offered to the 10 year as interest rate maturities for all nations are running at far wide distances. This gap will close as it always does and the 10 year supports and resistance points will also close as a result. For the next 2 or 3 days, the 10 year supports and resistance points hold.

Interest rate maturities at wide distances currently may explain why postings are seen to OIS rates. Far better interest rates exist to predict financial market instruments to entries, targets and market crashes. And we will know miles in advance rather than a one moment in time situation. Next week’s OIS rates will be much different than this week.

Brian Twomey

EUR/USD and Next Week

EUR/USD yesterday for the ECB traded 1.1581 to 1.1635 or the same 50 pips offered by all central bank meetings. Here’s yesterday’s 5 numbers 1.1543, 1.1562, 1.1576, 1.1631 and 1.1662.

Despite 50 pips, the trade for ECB was middle range to middle range from 1.1562 to 1.1631 and the same typical trades for all central bank meetings and explains why central bank meetings only trade 50 pips as all meetings trade middle range to middle range.

The better trade was long 1.1543 to 1.1562 to target 1.1576 and 1.1631 with focus on 1.1620. Pips were guaranteed for this trade as much distance existed to move.

Then ECB weighs in at the 10 am hour and EUR/USD breaks 1.1665 against most vital 1.1714 and achieved highs at 1.1685 for 20 pips. What’s the strategy here? Long the break for a few pips, leave and don’t trade or short ahead of 1.1714.

For the 10:00 am hour, only 1 hour decides the move as many central banks are next up to report exchange rate responses beginning at 11:00 am. At 1.1714 is far more vital than 1.1665.

Also at 10: 00 am is ECB time. All I can add here is the ECB doesn’t always offer a fair game for traders and why exit day trades at 10;00. Notice from 1.1685 highs, EUR/USD remained inside a 1.1691 to 1.1664 lows for 13 straight hours.

The BOE assisted to take EUR/USD higher in the 11:00 am hour. All centrak banks after the BOE for 13 hours, offered massive support to both 1.1685 and 1.1691. While emphasis is placed on central banks, market prices contain as much significance to future prices as much as the central banks. Today's big break for EUR/USD is located at 1.1719 and a rising average against a rising price which normally suggests a EUR/USD drop as 1.1719 will continue to rise against a rising price.

Had 1.1719 dropped from a rising price then we look long for longer term trades targets. Since 1.1691 traded yesterday, it no longer exists as an important point. Its leaves the market and all factors of trade assistance. Actual for today is 1.1692 and located between 1.1692 to 1.1699. Always go forward with your price and never ever behind. To look backwards is to view prices that no longer are vital to trades.

Today’s 5 vital numbers are located at 1.1619, 1.1641, 1.1655, 1.1707 and 1.1736. Break at 1.1719 trades to 1.1736.

For next week, a close today in the low 1.1600;s is acceptable for longs next week. If we don’t see this close, EUR/USD will be relegated to low trade rankings and not worth the effort.

If GBP/USD remains a dead mover today then GBP/USD leaves top trade rankings.

AUD/USD and NZD/USD currently set up presently as far better and easier trades than EUR/USD and GBP/USD.

USD/CAD and USD/CHF are both long next week and short USD/JPY and CHF/JPY. A higher close for GBP/JPY sets up currently for shorts. GBP/CAD long but 1.7065 must break higher. EUR/CAD is the better trade.

Brian Twomey

Forward Rates, EUR, GBP, CAD, JPY

Today’s GBP/USD vital point for higher is now located at 1.3779. GBP/USD’s 5 numbers for today’s day trade is located at 1.3674, 1.3696, 1.3712, 1.3777 and 1.3812.

Break at 1.3777 targets 1.3812 then short and fail then targets lower levels at 1.3674. Then long or 2 trades.

EUR/USD contends with 1.1620 and 1.1665. Today’s 5 numbers are located at 1.1543, 1.1562, 1.1576, 1.1631 and 1.1662. Today’s 1.1665 is protected by 1.1662 while 1.1620 is dead center for longs.

Watch shorts at 1.1620 and 1.1631. To trade today’s ECB, short at tops and long at lows.

Today’s GDP is located inside day trade prices.

USD/JPY 112.96, 113.14, 113.29, 113.81 and 114.09. Long term strategy for USD/JPY and JPY cross pairs is short to target many miles lower.

AUD/USD 0.7476, 0.7494, 0.7501, 0.7532 and 0.7551. AUD/USD overbought begins at 0.7524.

USD/CAD 1.2306, 1.2326, 1.2341, 1.2401, 1.2432.

GBP/USD Forward rates,

Forward Points or Fx Points today trade 13 pips. Forward rates are traditionally located between yields and are bounded by 2 separate yields and always at short term yields. `Forward points today for GBP are located between UK’s 3 and 6 month yields yet at wide distance.

China’s and USD/CNY FX point run right at 30 and located between the USD 1 and 2 year yield. and at wide distances. For 30 point context. China’s 10 and 2 year spread currently runs 39 basis points. FX points and forward rates overnight won’t ever run higher than the spread.

The other popular site has CNY correct but off 4 pips for GBP. Find forward rates by currency price X division of 2 interest rates. The only difference is today is factored overnight Forward rates.

To factor further then add days up to 360 or 365 for correct yearly day counts. GBP works on 365 and USD on 360.

GBP/USD add 13 pips to today currency price. For today’s 5 numbers: 1.3687, 1.3709, 1.3725, 1.3790 and 1.3825. The further out to hold Forward rates then the higher the cost to FX Points. For GBP 3 months the price is 64 points.

Walk into an American bank today and transfer USD to Euros. The price is FX points plus bank profits or normally about 50 ish pips above the Fix.

FX trading is all about specific formulas and all formulas apply the exact same to every currency on the planet. And all factored by calculator.

Brian Twomey


Today is an FX education day and begins with EUR/USD.

Yesterday ECB reported EUR/USD at 1.1618 while written yesterday was 1.1645 and 1.1609. Off 9 pips. Was the ECB wrong and me correct or was the ECB correct and me wrong.

ECB says the price is a concertation procedure between central banks across Europe. Concertation is an old French word used particularly in politics to bring opposite factions together to agreement.

Here’s your concertation. Today’s 5 numbers 1.1542, 1.1561, 1.1575, 1.1631 and 1.1661. Vs yesterday 1.1544, 1.1563, 1.1576, 1.1632 and 1.1661.

In 24 hours of Fx trading, the difference is 2 pips or the exact same trade as yesterday. Appears as a very boring concert.

EUR/JPY yesterday 132.39 and 132.03. ECB 132.47 or off 8 pips vs EUR/USD 9. Maybe the instruments at the concert weren’t in tune.

EUR/JPY topside 3 prices are located at 132.78, 132.86 and 132.95. The target is 132.86 and never the upper most number as it rarely ever trades. USD/JPY or EUR/USD must move extremely well for the top number to trade.

From long term views, EUR/USD remains governed by 1.1620 and 1.1665 then comes today’s 1.1717 and the longer term average at 1.1950. At 1.1665 held Monday then EUR dropped. Today’s day trade suggest 1.1665 holds again from the top at 1.1661.

GBP/USD yesterday’s 5 numbers 1.3694, 1.3717, 1.3732, 1.3799 and 1.3834 Vs today 1.3693, 1.3716, 1.3731, 1.3798 and 1.3833. GBP/USD changed by 1 pip in 24 hours of trading.

AS GBP/USD 1.3840 remains the big break to target higher prices, 1.3840 holds yet again today.
EUR/USD and GBP/USD are coordinated by 1.1665 and 1.1717 and 1.3840 and 1.3777 for lower targets.

Yesterday’s USD/CAD 5 vital numbers 1.2318, 1.2338, 1.2353, 1.2412 and 1.2444 Vs today 1.2326, 1.2345, 1.2361, 1.2419 and 1.2451. A change of 7 pips.

USD/CAD vital break above is located at 1.2458 then 1.2547. At 1.2458 and top today at 1.2451 says USD/CAD won’t break higher.

The 3 main currency pairs driving Fx markets must eventually break vital levels otherwise, markets are stuck in small ranges.

November 7 times change to fall back 1 hour. Day trades will be over and done by the time American stock markets open and 10:00 am EST will no longer hold significance to trades and trading.

Brian Twomey

EUR/USD, GBP, AUD, CAD and ECB Results

Fxstreet won’t publish straight ECB results so we try an end around today. God forbid anyone trades successfully and brings correct knowledge and concepts. They don’t want success from traders then all won’t pay the fee for access to the “experts”. That’s the dinosaurs in today’s trade world. Ya gotta laugh.

Most vital to EUR/USD is 1.1485, 1.1721 and 1.1951. For AUD/USD 0.7312, 0.7441 and 0.8108. AUD performed well over last week’s due to a wide trade range. Longs and shorts became available while EUR became stuck.

USD/CAD is contained from 1.2209, 1.2461 and 1.3058. NZD/USD is the worst in the line up by 0.6847, 0.7081, 0.7253. USD/CAD is the last currency to rely on the market. It is a market document. Bloomberg, Thomson and others report Canada’s Corra rate. A waste of money as more information is required for CAD and CAD/EM day trades.

GBP/USD 1.3840 remains the price to beat topside. Failure to break above then this price will slowly travel lower. Below is located 1.3777 and 1.3082. GBP/USD break 1.3840 would also see EUR/USD break 1.1721 and NZD 0.7200’s. but not likely anytime soon.

The concept to central banks is take 24 hour trades to the next level to expand to 30 ish hours and 2 trades. Completed as usual without the faulty charts. A lifetime of work remains yet to complete. If Forward traders require ECB prices then why not eliminate the ECB and factor Forward trades instead.

EUR/USD 5 numbers today 1.1544, 1.1563, 1.1576, 1.1632 and 1.1661.

GBP/USD 1.3694, 1.3717, 1.3732, 1.3799 and 1.3834. GBP/USD 1.3840 won’t break on this day.

USD/CAD 1.2318, 1.2338, 1.2353, 1.2412 and 1.2444.

EUR/USD at 10 :am is expected 1.1645 and 1.1609. EUR/JPY 132.39 and 132.03. What changed under central bank control.

ECB Results

As reported by the ECB for 15 currency pairs, forecast 24 hours in advance. EUR pairs were slightly off however remaining pairs near perfect. 3 currencies were perfect. EUR/USD price Friday was off by 1 pip. The mystery to the currency price is central bank control as they contain ability to perform any function necessary.

GBP/USD 1.3754 was actually 1.3751. GBP/JPY was only off 9 pips and not bad for the monster.
To know the price is to know the next trade, 24 hours in advance.
Nasdaq 15150.00 – 15064.00. Actual 15168.55 to 15070.75
EUR/USD 1.1629 -1.1647. Actual 1.1603, off 26 pips.

EUR/JPY 132.57 – 132.13. Actual 131.88, off 25.
GBP/CAD 1.7043 -1.7003. Actual 1.7003. Perfect.
USD/JPY 113.99 -113.61. Actual 113.66, off 5 pips.

USD/CAD 1.2372 – 1.2338. Actual 1.2365, off 7 pips.
GBP/NZD 1.9273 -1.9209. Actual 1.9240, off 31 pips from lows.
AUD/USD 0.7496 – 0.7467. Actual 0.7483, off 13 pips from highs.

USD/CHF 0.9176 – 0.9158. Actual 0.9192, off 16
GBP/JPY 157.22 – 156.38. Actual 156.29, off 9 pips.

GBP/AUD 1.8461 – 1.8394. Actual 1.8375, off 19.
EUR/GBP 0.8455 – 0.8431. Actual 0.8438, off 7.

CAD/CHF 0.7432 – 0.7409. Actual 0.7434. Off 2. Perfect.
EUR/AUD 1.5573 – 1.5523. Actual 1.5505. Off 18.

GBP/USD 1.3794 – 1.3754. Actual 1.3751, Perfect.
CAD/JPY 92.25 – 91.84. Actual 91.92, off 8 pips.

Brian Twomey

Fxstreet Vs Analytix: Trader Consolidation

A change is coming to FX due to an exhausted industry populated by famous names and many associated professional losers with trade specialization in heavy losses. The websites and readers must know the extent to professional losers. Notice articles are less on trades but more on market bull crud to central banks, economic releases and whatever the latest market talk pablum.

The next is to consolidate traders and readers to pay for access to trades, traders, webinars and whatever they concoct to charge. Fxstreet no longer publishes freely its daily trade losses as they did over the past year. For $30 per month, readers must pay to bankrupt accounts and read those long winded stories only to finish and wonder what they read as beneficial to anything. This is the price for access to “experts”.

The sad aspect to Fxstreet is they turned fraudulent and lost the ability to become the great site as they once were many years ago.

Next is Fx Analytix run by a truly professional loser called pip czar. Brother Dale is associated with these people. I spent 2 days listening to Brother Dale, pip Czar and another loser. Astounding is the depth of incompetence from pip czar, brother dale and all the rest.

The Analytix people invited Kathy Liens crooked, Boris the Schloss and many many other traders on par with Boris the schloss to join the Team. As Team members, a special place is outlined on site to scam traders into losses by webinars, trade services and whatever else.

No shortage of suckers pay 120 per month for access but this is where all the action is located. Traders have literally left the building. But notice the website contributors. Its the same old story from the same old professional losers. Absent are names and faces known for years because they joined Brother Dale and crew.

Trading is not about trades anymore. its about a paycheck from subscriptions. Fxstreet claims 8 million views. The 2012 trades saw 100,000 views and the highest in Fxstreet history. Who believes 1 million new readers per year came to fxstreet.

Trading and profits is just to tough for the majority of traders and equally harder for the Fx retail leaders. They all turned fraudulent rather than learn, study, hone skills and find winning strategies.

All traders get is 4 hour chart, Fib level and latest market talk. This tired strategy is all the trading community has to trade and the trades don’t profit. Now readers are asked to pay for this.

I don’t fit in with the crooked and thank god. But I play no role to assist. To bad for fxstreet cause I would earn readers fortunes. Fxstreet people and many fx big names view my site religiously. I’m no stranger to the crowds but I also don’t associate with those people. No guilt by association here.

We keep on here as I did over the past 10 years since I came out in public. So so much more to write and show to Fx, trades and trading.

See te ECB trade results from today. Fxstreet won’t publish by itself so I must put it in an article tomorrow morning. See what I’m saying about this present crowd.

I don’t advertise often but weekly and daily trades are available to interested.

Brian Twomey

ECB Results: 15 Currencies and Nasdaq

As reported by the ECB for 15 currency pairs, forecast 24 hours in advance. EUR pairs were slighly off however remaining pairs near perfect. 3 currencies were perfect.

GBP/USD 1.3754 was actually 1.3751. GBP/JPY was only off 9 pips and not bad for the monster.

To know the price is to know the next trade, 24 hours in advance.

Nasdaq 15150.00 – 15064.00. Actual 15168.55 to 15070.75

EUR/USD 1.1629 -1.1647. Actual 1.1603, off 26 pips.

EUR/JPY 132.57 – 132.13. Actual 131.88, off 25.

GBP/CAD 1.7043 -1.7003. Actual 1.7003. Perfect.

USD/JPY 113.99 -113.61. Actual 113.66, off 5 pips.

USD/CAD 1.2372 – 1.2338. Actual 1.2365, off 7 pips.

GBP/NZD 1.9273 -1.9209. Actual 1.9240, off 31 pips from lows.

AUD/USD 0.7496 – 0.7467. Actual 0.7483, off 13 pips from highs.

USD/CHF 0.9176 – 0.9158. Actual 0.9192, off 16

GBP/JPY 157.22 – 156.38. Actual 156.29, off 9 pips.

GBP/AUD 1.8461 – 1.8394. Actual 1.8375, off 19.

EUR/GBP 0.8455 – 0.8431. Actual 0.8438, off 7.

CAD/CHF 0.7432 – 0.7409. Actual 0.7434. Off 2. Perfect.

EUR/AUD 1.5573 – 1.5523. Actual 1.5505. Off 18.

GBP/USD 1.3794 – 1.3754. Actual 1.3751, Perfect.

CAD/JPY 92.25 – 91.84. Actual 91.92, off 8 pips.

Brian Twomey

GBP/USD and Day Trades

GBP/USD contains 5 vital numbers today: 1.3702, 1.3726, 1.3741, 1.3806 and 1.3841. Today’s ECB comes in at 1.3754 and 1.3794. Today’s price at 1.3794, chances are good we are short and long at 1.3754. The trade is good for 1 hour so bank the pips fast. Explains why the range was offered.

If the Central banks follow the ECB script then 1,3754 is the actual number for today. What will be seen is central banks are no longer required to trade as I am many miles ahead of their game plan. My pen, paper and calculator beats the central banks easily. Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg and others are an equal joke as they ask for fortunes for a service done by a $5 calculator and 2 minutes.

Built into the system of central bank prices is 1 to maybe 3 pips miss if the price is not exact. Factor 1 to 3 pip miss and interest rates as opposite currencies also contains a built in 2 pip differential then traders start out in the hole by as high as 5 pips. GBP/JPY as the monster currency among G28 then traders could be off by as much as 10 pips.

Now add a stop, 4 hour chart, Fibs and the latest market talk such as Inflation, GDP, covid then traders are surely stiffed in the back from profits. These are your experts today.

By central bank calculations and the system of interest rates, they created characteristics to each currency. For example, NZD/USD in its daily price path normally contains 2 numbers that end in 5. Today’s GBP/JPY contain numbers in its daily price path that end in 1.

Last night for Asia trades, the numbers ended in 0. AUD/USD is the easiest currency to factor as support and resistance points don’t hardly change. USD/JPY is the exact opposite to EUR/USD.

Day trades are growing to the point where interest rates are no longer required to trade as all the information needed is built into the system.

What the central banks created was a beautiful work of art and an extraordinary, mouth dropping perfection to the FX and market price.

Brian Twomey