EUR/USD and EUR/GBP Trade Results

This week’s trades were based on the concepts to trade continuously throughout the week to maximize and profit from every traded pip. This requires longs and shorts or shorts then longs. CAD/CHF failed so far to achieve entry and GBP/CHF achieved a 79 pip profit yet trades below entry.

The Trades, Results and Strategies


Long 1.0780 and 1.0762 to target 1.0893. Must cross 1.0836 and 1.0854.

Lows 1.0784, Highs 1.0885

Entry perfect off only 4 pips

Trade Profit +101 pips and 1 trade.

2nd option Trade

From close 1.0834, short to 1.0780 for +50 pips

Then Long 1.0784 to target 1.0893 for +101 pips

Total +151 pips and 2 trades.

Slight problem to absolute perfection as entry off by 4 pips and target off by 8 pips.

20 currency pairs were also off balance this week by 20 pips to as much as 40 pips. For most weeks, markets are perfect to entries and targets. This means markets are trading perfectly and all prices are in perfect sync vs each other. But to see prices slight off is actually the best trading situation because the market then offers the easiest free money trades. Its market given freely.

Had target achieved perfectly then the 3rd option must be considered and found in the second leg of the trade as follows:

3rd Option

Long above 1.0911 to target 1.1002.

Failure at 1.0911 means reversal particularly when target achieved destination. This option wasn’t included in original trade instructions but its added for educational purposes. Next trades will fully demonstrate. Now we must factor a reversal point. See above for 1.0854 and 1.0836. EUR/USD traded today at 1.0830. Again market price off by 6 pips.

Assume target achieved perfectly at 1.0893 and failed at 1.0911. Profit on reversal is now 1.0893 minus 1.0836 or 57 pips. Quite possible to long again at 1.0836 for extra pips since we know how vital is 1.0836.

3 trades and 3 days are now running 208 pips.

4th option.

Choices remain long above 1.0911 to target 1.1002. Then as posted Short 1.1002 to target 1.0929.
Next option is long again from 1.0780 or 1.0784 vicinity to target again 1.0893. The original trade.


Short 0.8778 and 0.8808 to target 0.8738.

Actual highs 0.8806, lows 0.8751.

Target failed so far at 0.8738 but trade ran +55 pips.

2nd option.

Long from close Sunday 0.8735 to 0.8806. For +71 pips.

Then short 0.8808 to target original trade target at 0.8738. Failed at 0.8751 still offered another 55 pips and total 2 trades for + 126 pips.

To the benefit of EUR/GBP is original entry at 0.8808 surpassed its point and traded to 0.8840’s. What a bonus and free money trade. But this trade to second round longs and shorts for profit is another how to demonstration for another day. Main point is 2nd round shorts are in progress.

All trades fully factored to trade continuous and maximize pips for profit. by pen, paper and calculator. And never a chart, graph, fib, market talk banter. And never a stop as trades begin at entry and end at target.

The lesson here is a price only cares about its destinations and nothing on the planet can stop a price path. Next is to bring home the point is no need as demonstrated to watch a screen or watch the market all week. And this is done by trading 18 currency pairs per week for years upon years of weekly trades.


Brian Twomey


In this week’s trades will demonstrate continuous trading to maximize profit pips by trading a perfect price path. Same principle applies to all trades : set entries Sunday and exit by Friday. Go live life throughout the week. How is such concepts possible. By extreme hard work to understanding and simple statistical concepts.

All past weekly trades posted on Fxstreet commonalities are as follows: No stops, charts, graphs, no Fibs, no need for 24 /7 market banter in regards to topics which contain no relevance to price paths or weekly profits. Overall, all trades earned 200 + pips per trade and entries and targets were perfect to near perfect.

The Concepts and  Revolutionary Trading

.All currency pairs on the planet begin the week in the exact same positions.

This means every currency pair shares exactly the same statistical commonalities and same statistical properties. Currency letters and numbers maybe different but statistics are the same.

Amount of movements changes week to week not by much but change is constant to quote Heraclitus. Its guaranteed by statistics and mathematically certain.

Entry to target is actually statistical point to statistical point and mathematically perfect. Once a target achieves its statistical destination then the next trade is taken to again trade statistical point to statistical point or next entry to next target. Trading becomes continuous all week.

Weekly prices begin mathematically perfect and end mathematically perfect. The currency price nor any financial instrument is not a random lost floating price. It contains a specific entry and target and by math standards, it must achieve entry and target.

Statistical concepts applied to currency prices works perfectly to any financial instrument since statistics is universal.

Weekly, statistical point to statistical point or entry to target is normally 3 trades per currency pair. For 18 currency pairs = 54 trades. Depends on the week and allowable movements. On rare weeks, statistical point to statistical point may mean 4 trades per currency pair. That means 2 longs and 2 shorts or 2 shorts and 2 longs.

Here’s true revolution. Calculating weekly trades per currency pair takes about 3 minutes per currency. For 28 currency pairs, its 84 minutes. And entries and targets will achieve perfectly for 1000’s of pips. However I take a bit more detail.

The level of detail to ensure this perfection is extraordinary and takes many weekend hours. Most won’t spend this amount of time to ensure trade success and maximize pips. But I’m factoring 18 and 20 currency pairs.

The same perfection seen by my trades is easily achievable for anyone but nobody does work anymore. I brought the degree of statistics to trades not only to an easy level but a measurement that doesn’t require math or statistical understanding. It requires a $5 calculator, sticky notes and pencil.

USD/PLN last week achieved the 700 pip target price for shorts then +600 pips for downside profits. That’s forecast of 1300 pips. G28 currency pairs requires 2 and 300 pip forecasts

Trades presented by Duetsche bank, Goldman Sachs and all the rest are just pure noise against false hopes and dreams to targets.



Long 1.0780 and 1.0762 to target 1.0893. Must cross 1.0836 and 1.0854.
Long above 1.0911 to target 1.1002. Must cross 1.0929, 1.0947, 1.0965 and 1.0984.
Short 1.1002 to target 1.0929. Must cross 1.0984 and 1.0967, 1.0949 and 1.0931.

Must cross = more statistical points.


Long 1.2010 and 1.1986 to target 1.2154. Must cross 1.2034, 1.2058, 1.2082, 1.2106 and 1.2130.
Long above 1.2178 to target 1.2274. Must cross 1.2202, 1.2226 and 1.2250.
Short 1.2274 to target 1.2202. Must cross 1.2250 and 1.2226.


Long 0.6877 and 0.6837 to target 0.7017.
Long above 0.7037 to target 0.7197.
Short 0.7107 to target 0.7057.


Short 0.8778 and 0.8808 to target 0.8738.
Short below 0.8719 to target 0.8658.
Long 0.8658 to target 0.8699.


Brian Twomey

Brian Twomey Trades

Given 1 currency Pair and 10 traders, heard on Sunday is 5 traders are long and 5 traders are short. All currency pairs on the planet begin the week in the exact same positions.

This means every currency pair shares exactly the same statistical commonalities and same statistical properties. Currency letters and numbers maybe different but statistics are the same.

Amount of movements changes week to week not by much but change is constant to quote Heraclitus. Its guaranteed by statistics and mathematically certain.

Entry to target is actually statistical point to statistical point and mathematically perfect. Once a target achieves its statistical destination then the next trade is taken to again trade statistical point to statistical point.

Weekly, statistical point to statistical point or entry to target is 3 trades per currency pair. For 18 currency pairs = 54 trades. Depends on the week and allowable movements.

Seen from Goncalo charts is extraordinarily high percentages against perfect entries and targets for 18 currency pairs. Its nothing new nor is the consistency over years.

The level of detail to ensure this perfection is extraordinary and takes many weekend hours. Most won’t spend this amount of time to ensure trade success and maximize pips. But I’m factoring 18 and 20 currency pairs.

The same perfection seen by my trades is easily achievable for anyone but nobody does work anymore. I brought the degree of statistics to trades not only to an easy level but a measurement that doesn’t require math or statistical understanding.

Technical analysis and charts lack the same statistical properties required to perfect trades.


The standard deviation and bell curve shown in a previous post is correct to Z Scores but miles off to trade perfectly a currency or any market price.


Brian Twomey



Trade Profit and Percentages: May 4 -May 8, 2020


I’m again grateful to Goncalo at Fxstreet. Posted charts will remain here on my blog and not made public for respect to Goncalo and to all the very decent and hardworking people at fxstreet. Its truly the best and top site on the planet for fx and all aspects to trading.

I’m grateful to Fxstreet to allow me to post trades and even results. Investing dot com stopped me long ago especially when they saw impressive gains and targets achieve.


1 week Percentages on 18 currency Pairs and this represents May 4 -May 8 = 19.66%. See chart below.

For last 3 weeks Percentages = above 16.00%. See the chart under last post Trade Profit and Percentages for verification.

Percentages derive from 18 currency Pairs traded every week. My distinct ability is to call perfectly the entire currency market every week to entries and targets and to derive giant profits.

And no stops, charts, graphs, no fibs, no indicators. No need to spend 24/7 on twitter blah blah about latest Market talk that contains no bearing on a price or profit.

I use simple statistics, but used correctly. Weekly trades are 150 and 200 ish pip trades and hardly anything less. Targets always achieve destinations. Now and then an entry is missed. Opportunity knocks to add 1 lot, break even and always trade to target. Means never losses as such a concept doesn’t exist. Can anyone else perform such trade results? And not even to watch markets but set entries and targets Sunday, exit by Friday.




Last 3 weeks



Brian Twomey

FXbaba Natural Distribution

I introduce fxbaba at Fxbaba is an honest, smart and decent man. He is fairly new to trading. I’ve seen only 1 other person in the last few years to work as hard and continuous as FXbaba to understand trading, markets, targets and currency pairs. Its extraordinary to watch the progression. FXbaba’s computer skills are exceptional.

Fxbaba bought my Z Score book and has worked long and hard to understand statistics and apply it to trading. He is now writing his thoughts. Fxbaba will eventually and very son become truly an expert trader.

I thank fxbaba with deep regards to also mention me on his website as I’m not out and about on all the social or trading sites. Frankly, I don’t know anything about the social and trading sites so lack greater exposure.

Here’s FXbaba latest article



Natural Distribution

On my About page I mentioned how my trading performance improved dramatically after discovering Brian Twomey on Twitter. Brian can hit targets like no one else. No indicators, no charts. All with pen, paper and a $5 calculator! How does he do it? A deep understanding of statistics and Interest Rates. Brian has written two books which are available on Amazon and which I highly recommend:

Without knowing much about statistics myself, I went deep down the rabbit hole determined to understand what Brian was talking about on his book about ZScore so I could apply it myself on my trading. Little did I know it wasn’t as difficult to understand as when I first looked at the image below on Brian’s book representing the curve of Natural Distribution

What does the theory of Natural Distribution says

According to Wikipedia, it is a graphical representation of the normal distribution theorem stating that “the averages of random variables independently drawn from independent distributions converge in distribution to the normal, that is, become normally distributed when the number of random variables is sufficiently large”.

According to Investopedia, The Normal Distribution, is a probability distribution that is symmetric about the mean, showing that data near the mean are more frequent in occurrence than data far from the mean.

In simple words, Natural Distribution tells us that, with enough data, an average can be calculated, represented by the zero point on the graph, from which the Standard Deviation of each data point can be calculated so we can determine how close or far from the mean each data point is. The beauty lies on how consistently symmetrical the data falls within a certain amount of deviations from the mean.

The theory tells us that, if the data is naturally distributed:

  • 68.26% of the data points will fall between +1 & -1 standard deviations from the mean.
  • 95.44% of the data will fall between +2 & -2 standard deviations from the mean.
  • 99.72% of the data will fall between +3 & -3 standard deviations from the mean.
  • ONLY 0.28% of the data will fall beyond +3 & -3 standard deviations from the mean

How can this information help you on your trading?

Well, if you knew that 99.72% of the time, the price of a currency or a stock travels between +3 and -3 Standard Deviations from the mean, wouldn’t you want to know exactly what point that is in your chart so you can mathematically draw perfect support and resistance lines? The answer is a DEFINITE YES!!!

However, it is a bit more complex than it sounds. First we need to determine what the mean is. The mean is a Simple Moving Average, which is the average of a selected range of prices, usually closing prices, by the number of periods in that range. With so many average periods known to traders, you can see how complex this can be, but not if you understand the following. Just like a shorter period average moves faster and closer to the price than a longer period average, a shorter period average produces more deviations than a longer period average.

Below is an example of Bollinger Bands with periods 20, 50, 100 & 200. As you will see, the shorter the period the more deviated price seems to move from the mean, easily touching the 3rd deviation band in red, while in the longer period, price seems to be traveling within 1-2 deviations from the middle line, the mean.

20 Period Average
50 Period Average
100 Period Average
200 Period Average

There is also the variable of which Time Frame to use which is a matter of personal style. It is important to know, once again, the shorter the time frame the more fluctuations. Don’t expect a define support and resistance levels at the +3 & -3 deviation from a 5 period average on a M5 chart!!!

With this new understanding of Natural Distribution, my hope is, you will be able to take more advantage of the Bollinger Bands indicator

On my next post I will close these statistical series by going over the Z Score. Once understood you will never need to see those Bollinger Bands on a chart in order to determine support and resistance as well as breakout points! More so, like Brian, if you ever run out of electricity or internet, you will still be able to calculate your entries and exits, perhaps even with more accuracy!!!


Brian Twomey


EUR/CAD and USD/RON were the big winners this week and target completion for both at +295 and +358 pips for USD/RON. Both are classified as wide range currency pairs. All wide range pairs traded 300 and 400 pips this week and most in 1 direction, short.

This is the second week to trade USD/RON and both weeks profit was + 600 pips and target completion. However this week USD/RON profit was longs and last weeks for shorts.

USD/PLN never traded to 4.2160 and 4.2400’s entry however the price path traded to 4.2017  highs then dropped to 4.1600’s. A missed opportunity. Current top today  at 4.2119 will serve as short entry.

Nothing special to AUD/CAD and at running +53 pips and yet to achieve target at 0.8966. Traded lows was 0.9010.

Nothing special to CHF/JPY either and the only reason for highlight was its relationship to USD/JPY and due to USD/JPY at historic break point lows at 106.04.

Next week comes continuous trades to allow trades all week. This can be viewed as target to target and normally involves something like 2 longs and 2 shorts per currency pair. I will show by 1 or 2 currency pairs. A trade to target begins a trade and its not the end. This allows about an extra 100 to 200 pips per currency pair and doesn’t include the target trade. Trades are few and profits high.

Trades and Results


Short 1.5495 and 1.5504 to target 1.5173
Highs 1.5466, Lows 1.5166
Target complete
Trade ran +295 Pips


Long 4.3857 and 4.3738 to target 4.3977.
Lows 4.4046, No trade

2nd Leg

Long above 4.4096 to target 4.4454.
Highs 4.4454 Actual Highs 4.4700

Target complete

Trade ran + 358 pips.


Short 0.9072 and 0.9098 to target 0.8966
Highs 0.9081, Lows 0.9019
Trade from 0.9072 Runs +53 pips.

Target not complete


Short 111.66 and 111.98 to target 111.17
Short below 111.01 to target 110.35.


Highs 111.31, Lows 111.17 +14 pips no credit for entry miss.
Lows 110.35 from short 111.01 +66 pips
Total 2 trades +80 pips
Not much here but none expected and current CHF/JPY trades in 109.00’s.


Long 106.71 and 106.55 to target 107.72
Lows 106.61, highs 107.08 +47 pips and hardly counts as a trade
Total weekly 4 Trades as Posted

EURCAD +295 pips
AUDCAD +53 pips
CHFJPY +80 pips

5 Trades Total 786 pips


Brian Twomey

Trade Profit and Percentages

Goncalo at Fxstreet is responsible for this chart construction and it represents the last 3 weeks of weekly trades for all 18 currency pairs. I’m grateful to Goncalo but I’m probably violating something by this chart post. Then again, the reason for it all and many trade posts over the past 3 weeks was to participate in the rescue of Fxstreet’s disaster trade service. Doesn”t  appear it will happen.

Percentages are skyrocket high and its only 3 weeks into a month. Its fairly typical though to my trade performance every month.

Brian Twomey

Trade Targets and Continuous Trading

Upon target achievement, many traders leave the trade to search for the next opportunity. Meanwhile the currency price still moves and profit pips are left unearned.

Long ago in the 2012 trades, I introduced and demonstrated how to continuously trade and earn many more profit pips by continuous trading. A target completion is only a small portion to what remains available to profit. As I always stated, its not what is earned but how much was left unprofitable to a trade target and moving prices. Prices don’t move much anymore in today’s dead markets so its imperative to maximize every pip for profit.

Then comes the concept is a target price really a target price. The answer is yes and no. EUR/AUD this week dropped 200 pips. EUR/AUD in this week’s trades informed EUR/AUD would drop 200 pips. This trade lacked a target price. What EUR/AUD informed was where would EUR/AUD reverse higher for longs and earn many more than 200 pips. We go slightly beyond an actual  target price to continuous trading.

For subscribers earn the privilege to continuous trading in weekly trades. The exact same concepts are traded on daily trades.

Brian Twomey


Annals of Congress

The Annals of Congress, formally known as The Debates and Proceedings in the Congress of the United States, cover the 1st Congress through the first session of the 18th Congress, from 1789 to 1824. The Annals were not published contemporaneously, but were compiled between 1834 and 1856, using the best records available, primarily newspaper accounts. Speeches are paraphrased rather than presented verbatim, but the record of debate is nonetheless fuller than that available from the House and Senate Journals.


Brian Twomey

Weekly Trades: USD/PLN and USD/RON


Short 4.2160 and 4.2426 to target 4.0963. Short below 4.0831 to target 4.0166.

USD/PLN for the week is currently oversold and sits on solid supports at 3.8828 and 3.8426. Overall, USD/PLN is heading much lower.


Long 4.3857 and 4.3738 to target 4.3977. Long above 4.4096 to target 4.4454. Short 4.4454 to target 4.4215.


Brian Twomey


USD/JPY from its 106.87 close resides just above solid and multi year supports at 106.53 and 106.04. A break of 106.04 then long term targets at the multi year range lows becomes 102.00’s. USD/JPY higher however contains many break point hurdles beginning at 107.89 then 108.26, 108.99, 109.19 and 109.67.

Overall ranges are contained from 106.04 to 109.19 and 109.67. USD/JPY at 106.87 trades at its extremes from its price driver at 109.19. At extremes informs 106.04 lacks any chance to break anytime soon. The lower USD/JPY trades only enhances its extremes and offers to not only trade higher but skyrocket higher.

Seen from USD/JPY currently is about a 100 to 150 pip range yet overall ranges are compressing by the week.
USD/JPY at 109.19 and 109.67 is matched by EUR/USD inability to move higher unless 1.1196 breaks. EUR/USD’s 1.1196 overhead has been dropping by the week over many, many months. The week of Januray 4 for example, current 1.1196 was 1.1280. Due to the slow weekly drops to overall price drivers, both USD/JPY and EUR/USD currently engage in a simultaneous race to the bottom. This situation cannot hold in perpetuity as the logjam must eventually break and I would look to EUR/USD higher as EUR/USD not only has ability to move upward but ranges allow for a move higher.

USD/JPY 106.87 close is an interesting number as CHF/JPY main break point for lower is located at 106.87. CHF/JPY retains the same predicament as USD/JPY to weekly range compression. USD/JPY at least contains a 100 -150 pip latitude to its ranges while CHF/JPY is surrounded by many and massive break points.

Lower and multi year supports for CHF/JPY are located ay 109.23, 110.65 then 106.87 and 106.09. To move higher and target 112.00’s, CHF/JPY must break 111.45, 111.53, 111.88 and 111.93. For CHF/JPY at 112.00’s now reaches the apex to its 20 year range tops. CHF/JPY lacks ability to trade above 112.00’s.

EUR/CAD at 1.5400’s is massively overbought. Long term target for EUR/CAD is 1.4882 however current solid supports reside at 1.4968 and 1.4954. Typical AUD/CAD trades within a 300 pip range from 0.9228 to 0.8913. At 0.9200’s represent extremes and not expected to break anytime soon while a break of 0.8913 informs not only lower but AUD/USD much lower.

EUR/CAD offers a good trade while AUD/CAD offers about a 100 pip trade. CHF/JPY will struggle while USD/JPY offers a decent weekly trade. Attraction to EUR/CAD for this week is USD/CAD and CAD/JPY ranges again are extremely wide. More importantly CAD/JPY ranges finally match USD/CAD. Over many months, CAD/JPY was contained Vs USD/CAD. Explains CAD/JPY lackluster performance over many months. This week, both will trade as equals.

The Trades


Long 106.71 and 106.55 to target 107.72. Long above 107.89 to target 108.55.


Short 111.66 and 111.98 to target 111.17. Short below 111.01 to target 110.35.


Short 1.5495 and 1.5504 to target 1.5173. Short 1.5115 to target 1.5028.


Short 0.9072 and 0.9098 to target 0.8966. Short below 0.8913 to target 0.8855.


Brian Twomey

Weekly Trade Targets

EUR/AUD achieved perfect Target at 1.7040 and 500 Pips

GBP/AUD hit perfect Trade Target at 1.9496 and 500 Pips

GBP/JPY achieved perfect Trade targets. Perfect entry within 14 pips for 312 Pip

EUR/USD hit Perfect Trade Targets, Perfect entry within 10 Pips. For 150 pips total

EUR/JPY missed Target by 30 pips and +300 pips trade

GBP/USD +262 Pips

GBPCHF +154 Pips

USD/RON +200 Pips

Total just a few trades, 2000 pips

Imagine totals for 18 weekly currency Pairs.

Imagine 9 day trades on 9 currency pairs, sent and traded twice daily.

Imagine not watching screens all week and the only effort is click, click, click.

Imagine setting entries and targets on Sunday and out by Friday.

Imagine living life without watching screens all week.

Imagine another parson on the planet that can match my weekly and yearly performance with perfect consistently. Doubt it,

Non would ever perform the necessary work required.

The fee is cheap in relations to profits. For interested. I’m not a trade service but I view myself as willing to assist interested


Brian Twomey


Weekly Trade Results: GBP/USD, GBP/CHF, EUR/USD, USD/RON

Quite unusual to this week’s prices is continued rises and falls from the Sunday open. Normally seen is the dead open on Sunday and continuation into Monday. Then comes rises and falls from weekly neutral prices to trade to more neutral. And ths is exactly the description to this week;s prices, neutrality to neurality. Usually, its trade by deviation to alignment.


Driving prices this week is USD Vs Non USD and the cross pairs are complying to the underlying. USD Vs Non USD is explained by USD/CAD as USD and non USD as EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD and NZD/USD.


The USDCAD trade this week has yet to participate as we wait on entry higher for shorts or short at break 1.3835.
Last week’s USD/CAD trade as posted contained a target at 1.3811 and short at 1.4114 and 1.4152. USD/CAD bolted last week to 1.4200’s. Add 1 lot on missed entry and today;s lows achieved 1.3944 for a 300 pips trade. So far. Same story to CAD/JPY and CAD/CHF.


Trader options however is either hold trades to target im which case means a 2 week trade or exit with weekly profits to then embark on a fresh trade in the upcoming week.

The Trades


Long 1.2329 and 1.2307 to target 12504
Lows 1.2359, target achieved 1.2504

Trade Ran +145 pips and how about on Missed entry. Credit for target.

Trade now waits on resolution at 1.2516 to target 1.2700’s or a reversal will trade and then we are long again at the lows. Remember the gray area to price paths and the untouchable prices not afforded an opportunity to trade such as 1.1505 – 1.26516.


Long 1.1998 and 1.1971 to target 1.2137
Lows 1.2021, Target achieved 1.2137
Trade ran +116 pips and missed entry by 23 pips.

2nd Leg
Long above 1.2164 to target 1.2385
Highs 1.2205
trade runs +41 pips and total for 2 trades +157 pips.


Long 1.0799 and 1.0781 to target 1.0916
Lows 1.0811, Highs 1.0888
29 pips to target

Trade Runs +77 pips and missed entry by 12 pips.
Trade now waits om break 1.0923 for higher or a reversal seen and then we are long again.


Entry short at 4.4800’s and 4.4900 to target 4.4100’s. Weekly range 4.4678 to 4.4489. No entry yet.

Long way to go to current trade week.


Brian Twomey

FX training Resources

I’ve been recommending this Shearson Lehman FX training manual for years and now  I see its all over the internet


Here’s Shearson Lehman FX Training Guide, its your bible to anything FX.


Steve Anthony “Foreign Exchange on Practice” used as Citi bank FX training manual for many years, a $300 book but PDF available for free


The ACI FX dealing Certificate. This is the primo, especially if interested in FX Jobs but it teaches everything to FX and trading.

The ACI Professional Certificate is far more valuable. My friend Peter Wadkins has this one. To maintain certification, must undergo yearly and extensive background checks. Don’t apply unless life and family are squeeky clean.


I found the Journal of Technical Analysis a really great resource especially pre 1997 when charts and pictures weren’t trade methods. The strategies and understanding from 1972 inception to 1997 was extremely useful.

Now must be a Member and pay fees to the Market Technicians Association to view the Journal. 48 years free, now a fee.

Journal of Technical Analysis Archives


The International Technical analysis Journal, Published annually since 2000. A far better and more professional organization than the MTA



Brian Twomey




Weekly Trades

Beginning next week, I must reduce the number of public trades. Its unfair to post the amount of trades as I’ve been offering.

Its no mystery to what I offer in weekly pips, account growth and consistent profits over years and years.

The price of a subscription is extremely cheap compared to overall pips earned.

Many tell me the subscription price is to low but its not the price of concern as I offer my services so traders aren’t bankrupt from the myriad of crooked trade services and crooked posters on websites.

All have seen the trades. Click on Sunday, exit by Friday and no worries to the week. Much more time is devoted weekly to live life and not worry about trades and profits.


Brian Twomey


Weekly Trade: USD/RON

As mentioned best pairs in the EM space is USD/PLN, USD/BRL, USD/HUF and USD/RON. Also as EUR/PLN, EUR/BRL, EUR/HUF and EUR/RON.

Personally, as USD best.



Short 4.4925 and 4.4954 to target 4.4186. Must cross 4.4570

Short below 4.4059 to target 4.3804. Must cross


Brian Twomey