Yesterday’s EUR/USD as written, EUR/USD lower must sustain below 1.1986 to target next 1.1958 and 1.1943. A significant break below 1.1929 target a lower EUR/USD.

Today, EUR/USD lower must sustain below 1.1985 to target next 1.1958 and 1.1945. A significant break below 1.1931 target a lower EUR/USD.

What changed in 24 hours? 2 pips.

AUD/USD yesterday, AUD/USD below 0.7748 targets 0.7658 then 0.7636 on a break of 0.7703.

Today, AUD/USD below 0.7752 targets 0.7662 then 0.7640 on a break of 0.7707.

What changed in 24 hours ? 4 pips.

Yesterday, NZD/USD below 0.7165 targets 0.7092 on a break of 0.7128.

NZD/USD today, NZD/USD below 0.7166 targets 0.7095 on a break of 0.7130.

What changed in 24 hours? 2 pips

GBP Yesterday, GBP/USD below 1.3846 targets 1.3767, 1.3728 and deep caution at 1.3688.

Today , GBP/USD below 1.3841 targets 1.3764, 1.3722 and deep caution at 1.3687.

What changed in 24 hours, 5 Pips.

Yesterday USD/CAD, deeply oversold at 1.2467 and targets 1.2536 then 1.2551 and 1.2583.

Today USD/CAD, deeply oversold at 1.2467 and targets 1.2535 then 1.2579 and 1.2604.

What changed in 24 hours? Few pips.

Yesterday USD/CHF sits deeply oversold 0.9222 and 0.9248. USD/CHF big line above is located at 0.9248 to target 0.9274, 0.9287 and 0.9301.

USD/CHF today, USD/CHF sits deeply oversold 0.9091 and 0.9065. USD/CHF big line above is located at 0.9193 to target 0.9219, 0.9244 and 0.9295.

What changed in 24 hours? 32 pips.

Yesterday USD/JPY, USD/JPY is decided by 109.59 above and 108.71 below.

Below 108.71 targets 108.28. Above 109.59 targets 110.02, 110.24 and 110.46.

Today USD/JPY decided by 109.54 above and 108.68 below. Below 108.68 targets 108.26. Above 109.54 targets 109.96 110.17 and 110.39.

What changed in 24 hours ? 5 pips

Yesterday DXY , At current 91.61, DXY trades in range from 91.43 to the 10 year monthly average bottom at 89.95.bove 91.43 trades the 135 pips range from 91.43 to 92.78.

Today DXY, Current 91.59, range 91.43 to 92.78

What changed in 24 hours? Nothing.

Now go to yesterday and view entries and targets on the websites

Brian Twomey


From oversold and neutral positions as reported in weekly commentary, the breakout occurred to anchor currencies and led by EUR/USD to travel 75 pips higher and GBP/USD at 114 pips. AUD/USD jumped 143 pips and NZD/USD 128 pips.

DXY achieved 92.35 highs and 43 pips from its next level at 92.78. At current 91.61, DXY trades in range from 91.43 to the 10 year monthly average bottom at 89.95. DXY break above 91.43 trades the 135 pips range from 91.43 to 92.78. Overall DXY position is low and deeply oversold.

EUR/USD and its Non USD partners currently trade overbought from 1.1999, AUD/USD from 0.7748, NZD/USD 0.7165 and GBP/USD at 1.3985.

EUR/USD lower must sustain below 1.1986 to target next 1.1958 and 1.1943. A significant break below 1.1929 target a lower EUR/USD.

AUD/USD below 0.7748 targets 0.7658 then 0.7636 on a break of 0.7703.

NZD/USD below 0.7165 targets 0.7092 on a break of 0.7128.

GBP/USD below 1.3846 targets 1.3767, 1.3728 and deep caution at 1.3688.

USD/CAD deeply oversold at 1.2467 and targets 1.2536 then 1.2551 and 1.2583.

USD/CHF sits deeply oversold 0.9222 and 0.9248. USD/CHF big line above is located at 0.9248 to target 0.9274, 0.9287 and 0.9301.


USD/JPY for April is traditional budget years for Japan. USD/JPY traditional pattern for April is down months. Since 2000 or 21 months, USD/JPY was down 12 months and up 9 months. A fairly 50/ 50 spotty record.

From 2000 to 2008, USD/JPY was down 4 months and up 5 months. From 2008 to 2021, USD/JPY was down 8 months and up 4 months. A return to normality.

USD/JPY is decided by 109.59 above and 108.71 below. Below 108.71 targets 108.28. Above 109.59 targets 110.02, 110.24 and 110.46.

Brian Twomey

Trade Results: USD/JPY and JPY Cross Pairs

The 65 pip winner of the day is the big mover among JPY cross pairs, GBP/JPY followed by ranges from AUD/JPY at 60 pips then NZD/JPY at 51 pips. USD/JPY traded 29 pips, EUR/JPY 36 and CAD/JPY 29 pips.

In the allotted 7 1/2 hours of trade time, GBP/JPY traded 9.28 pips per hour, CAD/JPY 4.14 pips per hour and vital USD/JPY as anchor pair traded 4 pips per hour. Central bank Interest rates strangled the currency price to the point of total suffocation. The main crook for ability to trade true ranges and profits is Fed interest rates because all central banks price interest rates based on the Fed. Daily interest rates barely change.

USD/JPY and cross pairs traded in total neutrality from neutral lows to neutral highs. For most, trade today in USD/JPY and cross pairs was impossible however the daily interest rate set up produced profits for all JPY pairs. Most vital today was the Fail line.

Based on daily pip movements, its understandable why ACI dissolved the United States chapter. Banks not only contain no interest in FX but interest to obtain an FX license worldwide is waning. Explains why Banks are no different today than retail traders.

USD/JPY. 108.27 to 109.38
Traded 29 pips from 108.80 to 109.09

EUR/JPY. 130.90 to 129.58
Traded 36 pips from 130.14 to 130.50

GBP/JPY. 150.82 to 149.29
Traded 65 pips from 150.44 to 149.79

AUD/JPY. 84.03 to 83.05
Traded 60 pips from 83.36 to 83.96

CAD/JPY. 87.26 to 86.35
Traded 29 pips from 86.61 to 89.90

NZD/JPY. 77.63 to 76.80
Traded 51 pips from 77.11 to 77.62

Brian Twomey

EM Trade Results

Added to total pips this week is a continuation to EM trades posted Sunday



Short 6.2446 targets 6.2255.
Lows 6.2117
target Complete +191 pips


Short 8.2251 and 8.2338 to target 8.0961 easily.
Highs 8.2288, Lows 8.055
Target Complete +1327 pips


shorts at 4.1412 and 4.1441 to target 4.1236 then 4.1177
Highs 4.1396, Lows 4.1269
Trade Ran +127 pips
Target Complete


Targets easily 76.57 then 76.14.
Highs 77.72, lows 75.46
Trade Ran +158 pips
Target Complete

Above: 1803 total pips, 4 trades

Total weekly pips? 3000, 4000

Brian Twomey

Exchange Rates Forecast Exchange Rates

As the breakout occurred as written Sunday, a re post to exchange rates predict exchange rates to apply for USD/JPY and JPY cross pairs. Posted Monday on a dead trade day.

USD/JPY. 108.27 to 109.38

EUR/JPY. 130.90 to 129.58

GBP/JPY. 150.82 to 149.29

AUD/JPY. 84.03 to 83.05

CAD/JPY. 87.26 to 86.35

NZD/JPY. 77.63 to 76.80

Brian Twomey

CHF Trade Results

As written this morning to CHF and Exchange rates predict Exchange rates, all 6 trades posted earned profits and extremely close to perfection. As mentioned many times, EUR/CHF isn’t worth a click. It traded from neutral to neutral or middle range to middle range. An impossible trade to entry and target and typical EUR/CHF.

A price only cares about not only the price but the price path and this price path is clearly defined daily, weekly, monthly. A price must trade to its destination without choice. A price destination doesn’t care about 98% to all the market blah blah spoken daily. Only care is target and destination.

A known price path in advance of a trade doesn’t require a stop as a trade begins at entry and ends at target destination. A known target then defines the entry. Wrong is entry then guess to target.

The known price path further outlines perfectly multiple longs and shorts to continuous trading per currency pair and applies to day and weekly trades. We remain 90 miles ahead of the crowds and any banker.

All day and weekly trades factored literally by calculator, pen and paper. Its a 10 year method and won’t ever change. These days, a method exists to enter a price and the trade appears in seconds. Then 2 minutes to factor 100% of the trade.



0.9281 to 0.9187. Actual 0.9259 to 0.9208. +51 pips.


0.6450 to 0.6516. Actual 0.6475 to 0.6513 then 0.6478. +35 pips


0.6991 to 0.7063. Actual 0.7022 to 0.7054 then 0.7019. +35 pips.


1.2631 to 1.2759. Actual 1.2742 to 1.2627. + 115 pips.


0.7304 to 0.7378. Actual 0.7358 to 0.7317.


1.0931 to 1.1043. Actual 1.0984 to 1.1016.

Brian Twomey

EM Trade Results

USD/RUB overbought from its close at 77.39 targets easily 76.57 then 76.14.
Highs 77.72, lows 77.05

USD/TRY severely overbought Lira from 8.1691 best short at 8.2251 and 8.2338 to target 8.0961 easily.
Highs 8.2288, Lows 8.1166 and +1122 pips

USD/ZAR Long 14.5952 and 14.5832 to target 14.7869 then 14.8348.
Lows 14.5952, Highs 14.6670 and + 718 pip

USD/MYR shorts at 4.1412 and 4.1441 to target 4.1236 then 4.1177
Highs 4.1396, Lows 4.1320 Trade Runs +76 pips

USD/RON close 1.1353, targets 4.1476 then 4.1573.
Lows 4.1286, Highs 4.1409

USD/DKK oversold from close at 6.2504 targets easily 6.2829 while break at 6.2446 targets 6.2255.
6.2538 to high 6.2648 and +111 pips.

USD/DKK break at 6.2446 targets 6.2255. Current 6.2507

USD/HUF oversold from 300.42 targets 302.61 then 302.90
Lows 299.43, Highs 301.64 and + 122 from 300.42

USD/PLN close at 3.8075 targets lower at 3.7807 then 3.7685.
Long 3.7807 and 3.7746 to target 3.8113.
Lows 3.7943, highs 3.8443
Target complete +170 pips

USD/BGN The Bulgarian Lev Range 1.6476 to 1.6408

USD/ISK Range 127.44 to 127.83

Usual story, trades are few, entries and target perfect to near perfect and profits always high.

Brian Twomey

Exchange Rates predict Exchange Rates: CHF

For CHF currencies arranged as zero point, a big difference exists to the higher reciprocal exchange rates but no need exists to forecast a higher currency to a lower currency unless the higher exchange rate currency is required. The 0 point currencies as follows: AUD/CHF, NZD/CHF, USD/CHF and CAD/CHF.

Its much easier to work with 0 point currencies as 0 point are easier numbers to work with to forecast for simplicity and speed.

For USD/CHF the difference between lower and higher exchange rates is 8 pips.

EUR/CHF contains a 10 pip differential between lower to higher exchange rates but essentially no difference. The only good derived is to work with lower and easier numbers. Overall, the same exact forecast is seen from higher to lower exchange rates.

Since EUR/CHF broke below the SNB 1.2000 floor in 2009, EUR/CHF has been a dead issue to trade. Once terrific, now not worth a click.

GBP/CHF contains the same scenario as EUR/CHF. The same exact forecasts are derived from lower exchange rates to the higher exchange rates. The difference is 24 pips from lower to higher exchange rates. Easier to work with smaller numbers for simplicity and speed.

The best 3 pairs to trade are GBP/CHF, AUD/CHF and NZD/CHF. For AUD/CHF and NZD/CHF are currencies traded weekly for many years. Both are terrific currencies and essential to trade weekly. The ranges are decent, profits always exist and price responds perfectly to current math methods.

Same story to GBP/CHF, a great currency and essential to trade weekly.

CAD/CHF is the opposite pair to USD/CAD. A short to USD/CAD is matched by a long in CAD/CHF. For CAD/CHF and CAD/JPY are essentially the same currency so longs and shorts run together.

For the sake of time and speed, I will report the exchange rates as is for ability to trade. .

USD/CHF 0.9187 to 0.9281

EUR/CHF 1.0931 to 1.1043

AUD/CHF 0.6991 to 0.7063

NZD/CHF0.6450 to 0.6516

CAD/CHF 0.7304 to 0.7378

GBP/CHF 1.2631 to 1.2759

Brian Twomey

Exchange Rates Predict Exchange Rates: USD/JPY and Cross Pairs

EUR/JPY, GBP/JPY and USD/JPY reside in a special category by themselves as nothing special exists to the concept Exchange Rates predict Exchange Rates. AUD/JPY, NZD/JPY, and CAD/JPY however apply to Exchange Rates predict Exchange rates.

Today is first and last to USD/JPY and cross pairs. CHF is next then EM. Previously, greatest gains to 1 week of trading was something like 8,000 pips. Maybe we can break the record. The trades are as usual perfectly accurate so urged for readers to take the trades.

EUR/JPY. 130.95 to 129.63

GBP/JPY. 150.98 to 149.45

USD/JPY 109.03 to 110.14.

AUD/JPY 82.91 to 83.89.

Vs 82.98 to 83.82

NZD/JPY 76.68 to 77.51

Vs 77.44 to 76.67

CAD/JPY 87.79 to 86.73

Vs 87.68 to 86.80

Brian Twomey

Exchange Rates Predict Exchange Rates: EM

Exchange rates predict exchange rates is by far the easiest and most profitable method to trade and for giant daily profits. To factor trades takes about 2 minutes. Anyone can do it but ….

What nobody ever figured out, nor wrote, nor outlined, nor explained, nor used in 49 years of free float markets is the price. Market people highlight all parameters about the price but never delve inside the price. Takes 10 minutes of a youtube video to explain a possible 50 pip trade.

TRY/USD 14 pips forecasts 935 Pips. 8.2169 to 8.1234.

BRL/USD 18 pips forecasts 581 pips. 5.7142 to 5.6561

ZAR/USD 8 pips forecasts 1710 pips. 14.5348 to 14.7058

JPY/CHF 43 points forecasts 130 pips. 1.1932 to 1.1802.

CNY/USD 16 pips forecasts 687 pips. 6.5189 to 6.5876

RON/USD 26 pips forecasts 445 pips. 4.1135 to 4.1580

DKK/USD 18 pips forecasts 704 pips. 6.2189 to 6.2893

HUF/USD 34 pips forecasts 307 pips. 298.95 to 302.02

PLN/USD 28 pips forecasts 406 pips. 3.8284 to 3.7878

Above trades will update tomorrow as markets begin movements. On deck is JPY cross pairs, CHF cross pairs, NZD/CAD and AUD/CAD however no need exists as forecasts on their own serves as proper to entries and targets. No need for a higher exchange rate to forecast a lower exchange rate. Yet the method works.

Brian Twomey

USD/RON Vs USD/MYR Crossover Chart

Chart below is a monthly and is not perfect to signify the actual price crossover but its close enough for police work. Price crossovers is a big FX event and not seen often yet highly profitable for a trade to 2 currency pairs.

USD/RON closed at 4.1353 and USD/MYR 4.1350. This is a fresh break.

Click to enlarge

Brian Twomey

FX Weekly Commentary and EM

Overall, a vast majority of currency prices for the past 2 weeks traded directly above and below significant averages. The trend and breaks to significant averages lacked uniformity among categories. EUR/USD, AUD/USD and NZD/USD broke below while the market waited on GBP/USD’s resolution at 1.3694.

EUR/USD led the universe with a break below 1.1944. NZD/USD as bottom currency was next to follow then AUD/USD as middle currency however AUD/USD failed to trade to significant targets but instead sloshed around 0.7620’s. Meanwhile, GBP/USD remained trading around 1.3800’s yet a slow progress to current 1.3694. GBP/USD now at its 1.3701 close, reveals the moment of truth this week is here.

On the USD side, deeply overbought USD/JPY traded higher in a 196 pip range for the past 8 trade days from 110.96 to 108.99 while USD/CHF maintained presence around its significant level at 0.9240’s. This week, USD/CHF closed at 0.9244 and 34 pips above vital break at 0.9210. Wide ranger and always good mover USD/CAD traded 129 pips in 9 trade days from 1.2647 to 1.2501. USD/CAD trades below vital 1.2681.

The 7 major anchor currencies as USD and non USD forced the hand to cross pairs as cross pairs also lacked direction and uniformity. Movements were subject to USD Vs non USD with hope to a resolution to significant levels to again experience true movements. The promise failed and now the vast majority to remainder 16 cross pairs all trade at or near significant MA’s.

In days of old, a currency pair to trade at or near significant levels was described as neutral. Neutral meant a currency price could fly much higher or lower and a 50% chance on a higher or lower bet.

Present 16 currency pairs are dead on neutral and neutrality applies to a vast majority of EM currencies as USD/EM.

The problem with current neutrality is ranges for most all 28 currency pairs severely compressed this week. This means prices contain potential to trade around significant averages without upside or downside progress. Neutrality also means, currency markets sit on the verge of massive breakouts. The breakout is in no doubt on the way however the question is when and in which direction.

Massive oversold GBP/CAD and deeply overbought EUR/CHF are hold outs to neutrality. GBP/CAD closed at 1.7160 and is heading higher this week while EUR/CHF closed at parity or 1.0000 and travels lower.

AUD/USD and NZD/USD share the same commonalities over past weeks as NZD/USD and NZD/CAD trade below vital levels while NZD/JPY and NZD/CHF trade above. Same AUD/USD story as AUD/CAD and AUD/USD trade below important levels while AUD/JPY and AUD/CHF trade above. AUD/CAD and NZD/CAD are oversold this week.

The last holdout is severely overbought CHF/JPY from its 118.62 close. Overbought applies to short and medium terms as lower CHF/JPY must break below 117.11.

JPY cross pairs remain overbought yet closing at lower levels for the past 3 weeks while significant averages are rising which means lower levels are on the way for JPY cross pairs.
GBP/USD and cross pairs all trade close to significant levels. a GBP/USD break lower at 1.3694 could easily take down GBP cross pairs.


Currency pair hold outs to neutrality and compressed ranges are USD/BRL, USD/MXN, USD/RUB, USD/THB, USD/TRY, USD/ZAR and USD/INR.

Overbought USD/BRL from close at 5.6836 best short at 5.6885 and 5.6942 to target 5.6490 easily then 5.6264.

USD/MXN oversold from 20.16 close targets 20.42 and higher must break 20.48 to target 20.58.

USD/RUB overbought from its close at 77.39 targets easily 76.57 then 76.14.

USD/THB overbought from 31.46 targets 31.08 then 30.99. A break at 30.89 is required to travel lower.

USD/TRY severely overbought Lira from 8.1691 best short at 8.2251 and 8.2338 to target 8.0961 easily.

USD/ZAR Long 14.5952 and 14.5832 to target 14.7869 then 14.8348.

USD/INR overbought from 74.73 targets 73.91 easily then 73.69.

USD/CNY closed oversold at 6.5530. Higher targets easily 6.5926 then 6.6035 while break at 6.5489 targets 6.5271.

USD/RON Vs USD/MYR. While USD/RON closed at 4.1353, USD/MYR closed at 4.1350. MYR crossed below RON. USD/RON targets 4.1476 then 4.1573. USD/MYR targets 4.1236 then 4.1177 from shorts at 4.1412 and 4.1441.

USD/DKK oversold from close at 6.2504 targets easily 6.2829 while break at 6.2446 targets 6.2255.

USD/HUF oversold from 300.42 targets 302.61 then 302.90. Break above 303.20 targets 304.39.

USD/PLN neutral from its close at 3.8075 targets lower at 3.7807 then 3.7685. Long 3.7807 and 3.7746 to target 3.8113.

USD/BGN The Bulgarian Lev

From close at 1.6436, Watch 1.6420. Lev heads to 1.6522 to or 1.6369 then 1.6318.

USD/ISK Iceland Krona

From close 127.48, best longs at 126.26 and 125.97 to target 127.68 then 127.97. Higher must break 128.55.

Brian Twomey

EUR/CAD: Exchange Rates Predict Exchange Rates

If EUR/CAD as a day trade Friday was offered from straight interest rates, the presentation would look like this: but with a slight problem as I am using Friday interest rates so a 6 pip difference exist from Thursday to Friday interest rates. Daily, I must change interest rates.

The purpose for today is to test exchange rates predict exchange rates as a permanent strategy Vs straight interest rates as the better methodology. Straight interest rates has been the method since the central banks revamped interest rates in 2016.

As an aside issue, my friend Moorad Choudhry known to me as Mr. Moorad due to my deep respect for him, asks for me to publish my interest rate strategies as a Working Paper. Mr. Moorad trains future Treasury Candidates to serve in central banks and high level positions. Mr. Moorad is a literal God of markets over many, many years.

So far, exchange rates predict exchange rates is 1 trade for 100 + pips then exit and complete within the day trade time frame. The trade is perfectly accurate. The straight interest rate trade is equally accurate and done within the day trade time frame but multiple steps are involved.

More information is known to the straight interest rate trade to support and resistance points and to entries and exists. The straight interest rate trade provides multiple longs and shorts.

Both trades are safe and profitable because interest rates are still the overall trade method.
Trader preference today is the exchange rate predicts exchange rate method because of the simple presentation to entry and exit. While straight interest rates requires explanation and understanding due because traders are so accustomed to modern day charts, Fibs and modern day methods. Traders haven’t seen anything like the straight interest rate method.



Long short line 1.4979

Most Important 1.4918 and 1.4940 Vs 1.4988, 1.4998, 1.5017, 1.5026, 1.5036, 1.5045, 1.5055

Bottom. 1.4903 achieves by 1.4922 and 1.4988.

Upper target 1.5055

Continuation fail 1.5017.

Exchange Rates predict Exchange Rates

1.5042 to 1.4889

Actual 1.4997 1.4893. Target off by 4 pips.
+104 pips

Straight interest Rates

Conceivably, long above 1.4979, +19 pips but a topside failure.

Short 1.4979, target 1.4903 +76 pips.
Long 1.4909 to target 1.4922.

Actual lows 1. 4894, highs 1.4915. +21 pips.

Break bottom 1.4909 is automatic long and free money as price must trade back inside and above 1.4909. Had price hit 1.4903 exactly then 1.4922 would’ve traded.

Conceivably, 3 trades 100 + pips vs 104 pips and 1 trade for Exchange Rates predict Exchange Rates.

Exchange rates predict Exchange rates eliminates extra trades, precision and more price information yet is it the smartest and most profitable. Or is the multiple trade method best from straight interest rates.

Overall purpose to day trades is extra weekly pips rather than the primary trade method due to trade of 18 weekly currency pairs. The more exact, easy and profitable trades are weeklies. Why I instruct traders never to get greedy or hold out for the last day trade pip. Be happy with extra profits and go without question, especially when the profits come easy.

Bunches more Exchange Rate predicts Exchange rate trades will be offered for many more currency pairs. I’m fairly certain so far JPY cross pairs will factor perfectly. Not sure to USD vs Non USD such as EUR/USD, AUD/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CAD, USD/CHF.

2 currency pairs I don’t like by any methods are EUR/GBP, CAD/CHF and not sure the need to trade AUD/NZD. EUR/GBP and CAD/CHF share opposite positions and serve EUR/USD as supports while CAD/CHF serves USD/CAD as resistance. Both are far off kilter to EUR/USD and USD/CAD. Neither contain ranges enough to trade on its own for a weekly or day trade. Plus both are 0 point currencies. No need ever exists to trade 0 point currencies.

O point currencies speculatively were born and conceived to contain tiny ranges with a purpose to employ as the forecast currency.

Also anxious to offer EM currencies USD/PLN, USD/RON, USD/HUF and others.

Most comfortable so far with Exchange Rates predict Exchange Rates to EUR/AUD, GBP/AUD, EUR/NZD, GBP/NZD, EUR/CAD, GBP/CAD.

Last question is to day trade process as the method remains and will always remain interest rates as the foundation to day trades. Can I offer more day trade pairs quicker by Exchange Rates predict Exchange rates. Interest rate day trades still must enter data every trade day.

To factor 9 day trades daily, takes about 1 hour by the straight interest rate method while the 5 day trades offered yesterday took about 10 minutes to factor.

Interested in further to Exchange Rates predict Exchange Rates see the site for EUR predicts EUR, AUD predicts AUD, NZD predicts NZD. Today’s Exchange Rates predict Exchange rates was derived from those concepts. Took much work and research but explains expertise and profits.

Brian Twomey


As written this morning for EUR/NZD, GBP/NZD, EUR/CAD, GBP/CAD and EUR/GBP.

NZD/EUR forecasts EUR/NZD

1.7015 to 1.6843.
Actual 1.6954 to 1.6848. Target off by 5 pips.
+106 pips

CAD/EUR forecasts EUR/CAD

1.5042 to 1.4889
Actual 1.4997 1.4893. Target off by 4 pips.
+104 pips

CAD/GBP forecasts GBP/CAD

1.7352 to 1.7173
Actual 1.7271 to 1.7190
+81 pips

GBP/EUR forecasts EUR/GBP

0.8721 to 0.8634
Actual 0.8696 to 0.8645
+51 pips

NZD/GBP forecasts GBP/NZD

1.9512 to 1.9308
Actual 1.9530 to 1.9439
+91 Pips.

5 trades, 7 1/2 hours, +443 pips.

Brian Twomey


As forecast yesterday, AUDGBP forecast GBPAUD informs 1.8129 to 1.7946

Highs 1.8055, Lows 1.7942 Perfect +113 pips


AUDEUR predicts EURAUD ranges from 1.5634 to 1.5475
Highs 1.5587, Lows 1.5527

Not much action to EURAUD yesterday.

EUR/AUD today big break located at 1.5661. Highs achieved 1.5662.

GBP/JPY as written targets 149.00’s and 400 pip shorts. GBP/JPY achieved 149.00’s. Highs this week 153.39.

New Trades

NZD/EUR forecasts EUR/NZD 1.7015 to 1.6843. Long bottoms and short top strategies

CAD/EUR predicts EUR/CAD 1.5042 to 1.4889

CAD/GBP forecasts GBP/CAD 1.7352 to 1.7173

NZD/GBP predicts GBP/NZD 1.9512 to 1.9308.

GBP/EUR Forecasts EUR/GBP 0.8721 to 0.8634.

The concept: 20 and 30 pips forecasts 100’s of pips perfectly.

Trades may or may not run for 24 hours however trades are running only to 10:00 am EST.


200 day average yesterday 1.1968. Today 1.1967.

Any system fails to show 1.1967 as 200 day average is wrong and this includes everybody to again lead traders to ruin.

For interested, on my site is forecast and predictions for each universe of currency pairs: EUR, GBP, AUD, NZD, CAD, JPY.

Brian Twomey

FXStreet Signal Service Continued Losses

In this corner, we have incompetent trader Goncalo obviously a big cheese at Fxstreet. In the far corner we have a crooked website promoting a signal service that should’ve closed long ago. Revenue from the signal service is in the millions while the premium service also in the millions. Goncalo for example hosts paid premium webinars on how to find good entries. Comedy central can’t find more laughable material.

Only the most incompetent with the biggest losses and loser strategies hold premium webinars.

1 day’s trade. +254 pips but – 195 pips or +59 pips in 18 trades. Rare day for gains on any given day since the start of the service. FX Street just does not give a dam about its readers yet earned $8 million revenue. Same story for all the websites as the contributors promote and post loser trades.

By the way, if Fxstreet ever throws me off the site, then this blog is my only outlet. All must subscribe to maintain my presence.

Brian Twomey


As AUD/EUR forecast yesterday to EUR/AUD, ranges informed 1.5610 to 1.5451. EUR/AUD achieved perfectly at 1.5610 then dropped 46 pips to 1.5564.

AUD/GBP forecast to GBP/AUD informed ranges from 1.8129 to 1.7946. GBP/AUD achieved 1.8137 then dropped 135 pips to 1.8002.

To predict exchange rates to exchange rates is not only near perfect and profitable but may or may not be exact to entry because exchange rate prices are never, ever correct. Not sure if the concept to a correct price exists to any market price. But incorrect market prices is what creates trade able prices and trade able markets otherwise no price exists to trade.

Since 1972 and the free float, trade able market prices existed. The last time markets traded freely to trade able prices was pre Bretton Woods 1944.

Yet traded able prices speaks to freely moveable prices but that concept is far from the truth. In 90% + instances, market prices are fixed to interest rates and this is a brand new concept never tried in markets. Price movements are fixed to parameters completely controlled by interest rates and today, completely controlled by central banks since 2016.

To some degree, its a criminal offense because central banks allow the market price to travel only so far. This means profits are fixed.

AUD/GBP today to forecast GBP/AUD informs 1.8129 to 1.7946. Today, GBP/AUD forecasts the same exact entries and targets as yesterday. Nothing changed. Talk about a Fixed system.

GBP/AUD big break for lower is located at 1.7999.

AUD/EUR forecasts EUR/AUD ranges today from 1.5634 to 1.5475. EUR/AUD big break is located at 1.5648. AUD/EUR trades EUR/AUD to the brink.

EUR/USD Big break is located at 1.1908 while GBP/USD is located at 1.3701. As mentioned, GBP/USD must trade to 1.3500’s.

Brian Twomey

EUR/USD, Levels, Ranges and Targets

GBP/AUD informed Sunday a break at 1.8138 targets 1.7983. GBP/AUD broke below 1.8138 and traded 124 pips lower to 1.8014. GBP/AUD must break 1.8010 to trade to 1.7946.

AUD/GBP instructs today GBP/AUD ranges are located from 1.8129 to 1.7946. GBP/AUD higher must break 1.8037 to target AUD/USD at 0.7607 and 0.7616. GBP/AUD breaks 1.8010 targets AUD/USD higher at 0.7680 and 0.7685. AUD/GBP 28 pips forecasts 150 pips for GBP/AUD.

EUR/GBP higher today informs a drop to EUR/USD supports now at 1.1556 1.1675, 1.1615. Yesterday supports 1.1656 and 1.1774. Today’s drop was significant.

Sunday, USD/CHF targets 0.9363 achieved easily as written. Target complete.

GBP/JPY next to drop 2 and 300 pips and targets 149.00’s. Yesterday GBP/JPY dropped 200 pips and 200 pips yet to travel. USD/JPY led the way and USD/JPY will lead the way to further drops. Lows today 150.82 and 150.63. Then higher.

AUD/EUR informs today EUR/AUD ranges at 1.5610 to 1.5451. EUR/AUD big break for higher is located at 1.5648. EUR/AUD above targets AUD/USD at much lower levels at 0.7500’s. AUD/USD will assist with strength from lower AUD/EUR.

GBP/CAD as written nothing special. Result GBP/CAD traded a 60 pip range for the week.

GBP/USD 1.3698 now big break for lower.

CAD/CHF bottoms at 0.7335 to target the day’s highs at 0.7411. Nothing going on to CAD/CHF however better employed as a forecast currency due to lack of movement and ranges.

GBP/NZD as USD pair rises and falls with USD. Sunday, low 1.9500’s was best targets. GBP/NZD dropped 200 pips from 1.9700’s to `1.9550.

EUR/NZD rose 171 pips as GBP/NZD fell 200 due to higher USD/CAD with +96 correlations. Big divergence between EUR/NZD and GBP/NZD and may take weeks to rectify.


Big break for higher 1.1906. EUR/USD is at its weekly tops and do or die points at 1.1872, 1.188 and 1.1894. Shorts target 1.1814 easily.

NZD/USD remains below 0.7061 to inform EUR/USD, GBP/USD and AUD/USD soon to follow lower by significant breaks.

Correct due to MA’S perfectly aligned to central banks rather than averages derived from charts and levels representative from thin air and non existent.

Brian Twomey

EM Trade Results

As written and posted Sunday, targets listed for 10 EM currency pairs. The results as follows.

USD/DKK target 6.2621 from 6.3400 highs, Lows 6.2610.

USD/DKK target complete.

USD/BRL close 5.7080, target 5.6187. Lows 5.5800’s. +900 Pips to 5.6100’s

USD/BRL target complete.

USD/CZK Watch 22.00, target 21.81. Lows 21.88. Not much to CZK

USD/CZK target complete

USD/HUF Targets 305.34 on break 306.25. Lows 303.78. Then long to target 308.06
USD/HUF target complete 1st Leg

USD/MYR Targets 4.1237, Lows 4.1282. Continuation short from last week highs 4.1603
USD/MYR target complete

USD/PLN Shorts at 3.9334 and 3.9423 to target 3.8976 easily. +269 Pips
Actual 3.9245 to 3.8976, Lows 3.8684
USD/PLN target complete

USD/RON target4.1411 then 4.1354. Lows 4.1345
USD/RON target complete

USD/TRY targets 7.8954 easily then 7.8595. Lows 8.0003

USD/ZAR Targets 14.7405 then 14.8251. Highs 14.7100

Pip Count Many 1000’s.

Brian Twomey


EUR/AUD short 1.5513 violated by 13 pips to 1.5526 while AUD/USD long 0.7515 breached 10 pips to 0.7005. Did the exchange rate violate or the interest rate. Due to absence of a true market price since Thursday, the exchange rate was responsible as its impossible for an interest rate to ever violate.

The interest rate is perfect while the exchange rate is allowed a slight violation. However violations are rare except for GBP whenever an event strikes GBP.

EUR/AUD dropped to 1.5470 lows for +56 pips from 1.5526. AUD/USD 0.7742 target traded to 0.7744 for +41 pips. Total +97 pips.

The trade involved 2 currency pairs based on AUD/EUR to forecast EUR/AUD. To triangulate this trade to do it correctly and trade 3 pairs simultaneously then AUD/EUR traded lower to 0.6446 as EUR/AUD achieved 1.5513.

As AUD/EUR achieved bottoms and EUR/AUD tops then AUD/EUR went long with AUD/USD and short with EUR/AUD.

Zero point currency pairs are forecast currencies yet ranges are small but done purposely by central bank construction.

EUR/GBP for example forecasts EUR/USD and current EUR/GBP trades below EUR/USD and offers EUR/USD supports at 1.1656 and 1.1774. AS EUR/GBP drops then EUR/USD supports rise.

CAD/CHF from 0.7460 trades the opposite to the EUR/USD and EUR/GBP relationship. CAD/CHF offers USD/CAD tops at current 1.3336 and 1.3437. CAD/CHF trades above USD/CAD. CAD/CHF Vs USD/CAD correlations run – 91% and is consistent historically. Both were conceived to run opposite prices to each other.

Best to view USD/CAD 1.2500’s from EUR/JPY 130.00’s as Correlations run -99% and this is fairly permanent historically to run negative correlations.

Overall morning trades ran to 10:00 am then the trade is done for the day.

Brian Twomey