USD/CAD wins the week long currency market battle for USD supremacy. Written yesterday USD/CAD support at 1.2881. The USD/JPY and USD/CAD roles reverse as USD/JPY supports are located at 129.08, 128.90, and 128.66. Previously USD/CAD 1.2908, 1.2890 and 1.2866.

Currency pair role reversals are most specifically seen in exchange rate cross overs and mathematically by Simple Regression Lines. USD/JPY for example may sit on the bottom of a Regression line and EUR/USD on top but eventually roles reverse as EUR/USD will eventually sit on the bottom and USD/JPY on top.

Bottoms and tops can only travel so far until the roles begin reversals. Found in the nature of the exchange rate relationships but seen early in Regression Lines to allow preparation for long term trades.

As written yesterday, USD/CAD bottoms 1.2929 and traded to 1.2923. Specifically, 1.2985 broke below and traded 50 pips lower. USD/JPY bottom at 129.57 traded to 129.43.

SPX achieved yesterday’s reported bottom at 3930, WTI achieved tops at 105.45, bottoms at 98.66 and GBP/JPY as written Sunday broke below 159.95 to 158.81 for 100 quick pips. GBP/JPY now trades 157.43.

Unique to Brian Twomey and trading is consistency to targets and profits as I maintained both for 10+ years. Targets and profits are yesterday’s news as today’s money interests to markets are more concerned with profits from extra curricular activities.

Trading correctly and market knowledge is the least concern yet should’ve maintained priority to bring in more views and revenues. Show a sign of sophistication on the other popular website is rejected.

The concept applies to hedge funds, institutions and currency analysts as much as the retail side of trading. Many hedge funds are out there struggling for profits as much as retail traders and currency analysts. All are no different. The word analyst is associated to expert but none are experts. The currency brokers are as much to blame in the consistent profit scenario. Nobody cares anymore for a leg up to traders.

Next stop for WTI above is 108, and 4080 for SPX 500. GBP/JPY bottoms today are done at 156.98. Good shot for longs to return to 158.18 easily.

GBP/CHF bottoms today right at 1.2129 then will travel back near 1.2221.


Best pairs next week to trade are AUD/USD and GBP/USD as middle currencies. Both are moving daily at 130 ish pips per day and outperforming EUR/USD and NZD/USD. The week’s winner is GBP/JPY and GBP/JPY will again lead the JPY cross pair pack next week.

AUD/USD higher then best trades are EUR/AUD and GBP/AUD shorts. Watch EUR/AUD 1.5082. GBP/USD positive correlations to cross pairs will maintain its positive status for easily the next few weeks.

Overall currency markets are back to normal as next week returns to normal movements.

Brian Twomey

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